Tuesday, January 23, 2007

how'd i do?

let's see ...
I pegged the Best Picture noms. Well, I included "Dreamgirls" but that wasn't what I wanted; it was just what I figured would happen. I got the other 4 right, and then said my choice was "Little Miss Sunshine" ... and there it was! ha!
Best Actor - I was right except that I said I wanted Sasha Baron Cohen instead of Peter O'Toole, but that O'Toole would probably be nominated. He was. And Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated, but not for "The Departed," which I guess makes sense, since his work in "Blood Diamond" really did carry the film - except when Djimon Hounsou carried HIM, figuratively and literally. Djimon deserves to win something; he's amazing - but this is a strong category this year.
Best Actress - yep.
I missed Best Director in substituting Bill Condon for Stephen Frears. What was I thinking? a big part of what made "The Queen" so amazing was its perfect tone and pacing. That's up to the Director. Well done Stephen. And let's face it - I pegged this too - "Dreamgirls" was wooden, and that's up to the Director as well. So, hang in there Bill Condon. I think this is a good group this year - all of these films are artful and well-done and have powerful vision. It occurs to me that perhaps Scorsese isn't a lock. But he needs to win. Good Lord. To quote Randy Newman on his win after his zillion nominations, "I don't need your pity!"

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