Saturday, January 20, 2007

Out of the fog

What was really odd this past week was how much I was able just to relax and enjoy the fact that an ice storm shut down Austin, and I have all these emails and things to take care of for Journey, and instead of being anxious about it (much), I rested. I told some friends it was like "forced sabbath."
It makes sense then that I just happened to - ... - pick up a book which I just happened to - ... - open to a chapter on ... sabbath, and its deep roots in Hebrew thinking and Torah. And how resting and inentionally investing in one's self, one's family, one's faith, is a way of affirming that God is giving and good. And how not resting is self-absorption and fear.
Well, the focus on self because of fear part sounded familiar. The resting as a way of trusting that God will provide, already HAS provided, everything that we need ... that part was a little more foreign. Okay, I can say it to other people, but it's harder to do it for myself.
But I practiced. And all there is, is practice.
I wish you sabbath.

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