Monday, January 22, 2007

tomorrow morning's oscar noms ... ready?

here are my predictions for some of the biggies. i'll check back in 12 hours and see how i did.

best picture:

borat (yes, seriously) (okay, maybe that's ridiculous)
flags of our fathers - no, it'll be like the golden globes; it'll win best foreign language film. (we saw it. it was so so so so beautiful. so subtle. so fine. clint eastwood - holy cow.)
the departed
the queen

i wish little miss sunshine would be in the list but i don't think it will.

best actor:
sasha baron cohen - yes, seriously.
matt damon for the good shepherd and yet maybe not
leonardo dicaprio for the departed
ryan gosling for half nelson
will smith for the pursuit of happyness
forest whitaker for the last king of scotland

interesting, isn't it, and very cool, isn't it, that it's not that big a deal that the frontrunner is a person of color. forest whitaker - will he win? i dunno. haven't been able to make myself see the movie about a mass murderer dictator yet.
actually, the two frontrunners, from the academy's perspective, because they often like sweet films, are both men of color - will smith. who was amazing. loved it.
i don't want peter o'toole to be nominated but he's my dark horse. why don't i? because he's a sentimental favorite and i don't root for those. which is dumb. i should get over it. they win a lot.

best actress:

helen mirren. end of story. have you seen the queen? good lord. unbelievable.

oh, there will be 4 other nominees. okay.
not beyonce
kate winslet for little children, which i haven't seen, but kate winslet is my favorite actress.
penelope cruz for volver. haven't seen it. want to.
judi dench for notes on a scandal. haven't seen it. eek.
meryl streep for the devil wears prada. she was unbelievable. although i don't think she was the lead actress - i thought she was a supporting player. but the academy can't help but give her nominations. it's like an addiction. and not a bad one.

best director:

martin scorsese will win for the departed. that's all. he has finally, with that nearly almost completely perfect film - without a lot of his editorial quirky additions which have in the past with films like Goodfellas and Gangs of New York been cumbersome. beautiful, but in the way of the story. although i didn't like jack nicholson in it as much as i had hoped i would - he played jack. and i love love love jack. but i like it better when he's not being jack as much as he's being a character - i thought he was better in as good as it gets and in something's gotta give.
oh, others
clint eastwood for flags of our fathers
bill condon for dreamgirls. i don't think he should win. i thought dreamgirls was sort of wooden.
a. g. inarritu for babel.
paul greengrass for united 93.
hmm ... i dunno.
maybe guillermo del toro will be nominated for pan's labyrinth. we're going to see that this week. can't wait. the images of the pale man kept scaring me and then i saw the little preview documentary on hbo or wherever it was and i just decided it was amazing.

the supporting ones, i haven't seen enough to comment on. but i will.

and, be praying to god that i win the bleacher seats on the red carpet from ellen.

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