Wednesday, February 14, 2007

busy week, inside and out

mike and sam and mike's wife kathie and kathie's daughter jennifer, who also works at mike's office, and whose 2 sons stay with their grandparents, ie mike and kathie, a lot and who like to come to journey and are these adorable smiling funny strong little boys - all came to journey sunday morning. they came for some hope. to affirm something. for support and love. because.
everywhere we are affirms something about us and about how we see the universe. every minute. watching tv, running errands, counting our money, serving someone - a child, a friend, a stranger - or not, resting, learning, playing, working - for one thing or another. and what it looks like on the surface usually isn't even the real point.
but at least thinking about it - down deep - can help us see what we are saying is most important to us. js said that whatever we consider to be "treasure" is where our hearts - the hebrew idea of the entire true self - will be.
for me, a big part of why this week has been busy --- no, i'm going to say it's been full --- is not only the outer work i've been involved in, but the inner work, the thinking and reflecting and praying and cutting myself open, that come with paying attention and letting it be as it is.
its exhaustion is short-term, and produces rest.
the opposite - not paying attention, not doing one's work - has a short-term reward of rest and the uneasy sleep of knowing i'm in for it later, but at least it's sleep --- but the fatigue and pain will come later. it's not that the bill comes due ... it's that the work needs to be done. that's why we're here.

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