Sunday, February 4, 2007

is it me?

some guy friends and i were talking the other day and one of us said, "i hate valentine's day." and suddenly we all said the same thing. we want to do a good job, help our wives and girlfriends and daughters feel happy and loved. but the pressure is intense.

one man said, "chocolates? flowers? anybody can do that. so i don't do anything on valentine's day. i take my wife out the day before, or the day after. and my wife thinks so too." i trust this guy - he's smart. but i wonder.

i want my wife and daughter to feel valued and loved on valentine's day. is there anything i can do to make that happen? no, i can't make it happen. but what i can do is give them lots of love every day, not just valentine's day. i know one woman who says that birthday and valentine's and other cards from her father just make her angrier, because her father's an asshole to her the rest of the year.

i pray that i'm loving and consistenly present not just on the cute days.

maybe that's the thing ... is it me, or is valentine's day just too cute?

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