Monday, February 26, 2007

Post-Oscar Buzz (Kill)

Jennifer Hudson - yeah, okay. Although Cate Blanchett was amazing.
I still haven't seen "The Last King of Scotland." I want Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar. He will.
Eddie Murphy didn't win. Okay. The fact that he was good in a dramatic role in a beloved film doesn't mean he deserved an Oscar. Alan Arkin was brilliant. Did you know Eddie M and I are the same age? We're buds.
Helen Mirren. Perfection.
Scorsese - yep. I was relieved. Give the guy a break, right? and it was perfectly directed.
I was glad that "The Departed" won Best Picture. "Babel" was much better than I thought it would be. "Little Miss Sunshine" was wonderful - but a Best Picture winner? Along with "Ben-Hur"? "Lawrence of Arabia"? "Gandhi"? I think it's better as a Beloved Picture than a Best Picture. But that doesn't mean it's not dear to my heart. It is.

I have a question: Why is it that people talk about "losing" an Oscar? It's bizarre. Of all the thousands of aspiring actors, and working actors, who just plod along and do good work and try and try and try, to be nominated as having one of the best performances in hundreds of actors' roles in films alone every year? It's amazing even to be considered.
But that's one of the crazy things about our culture. All there is, is winning. Winning. It's all about the universe being divided into winners and losers, in and out, good and bad, worthy and untouchable. It's stupid. It's sick. And it's not Jesus.

So why do I keep watching? It occurred to me last night that I'm not sure that it was worth the huge amount of attention and time I've spent this year anticipating and then watching the Academy Awards.


I'll still do it next year.

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