Monday, March 19, 2007

mark ruffalo's answers

mark ruffalo who is one of my favorite actors just gave this answer to question 10:

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you enter the pearly gates?

"Welcome. Jesus was a liberal."

oh - and i didn't get to post this last sentence last night; computer weirded out.
i'm not interested in politics here - liberal vs. conservative - right or left - even if that's what mark ruffalo means. what i'm interested in is that jesus was about love and openness and adventure, rather than keeping things safe and as they have always been. jesus looked at things with fresh eyes. jesus caused trouble because he loved so profoundly.


Anonymous said...

No he definitely would be not a liberal, a democrat, a republican or anything - we can't label him on our standards. and about your previous post with the other answer to question 10 --- you don't know the one and only sovereign God unless you believe and follow His Word. You can't just pick and choose God to be whatever you want, do you believe the Bible is His Word? His word says that Jesus died for a reason and if we believe in Him and that He died for our sins and was risen from the dead, THEN we can be welcomed into heaven - not all people will be welcomed in - or else Jesus did not have to go through all He did. Just some food for though.

nonprofitprophet said...

I hate when people attempt to label Jesus to fit, as Mark was doing, his political preferences. trying to define Jesus by any label is akin to nailing jello to a wall. Can't be done. Its like calling a cup of salty water the ocean. Yeah, it contains the same elements - but its not the ocean. The ocean is way bigger than that, and contains so much more. Others try and label God as a conservative (using political definitions) and quote the old testament. I'm just grateful someone acknowledges Him at all.