Wednesday, April 11, 2007

bless my enemies o lord

while we're on the subject of everyone being a child of god no matter what, here's part of a prayer/poem by bishop nikolai velimirovich. he spoke out against nazism, was arrested, spent 2 years in Dachau prison, and then was liberated by the Allies and went on to found all sorts of schools and churches.

bless my enemies, o lord. even i bless them and do not curse them.
enemies have driven me into your embrace more than friends have.
friends have bound me to earth, enemies have loosed me from earth and have demolished all my aspirations in the world. ...
bless them and multiply them; multiply them and make them even more bitterly against me:
so that my fleeing to you may have no return;
so that all hope in men may be scattered like cobwebs;
so that absolute serenity may begin to reign in my soul;
so that my heart may become the grave of my two evil twins, arrogance and anger;
so that i might amass all my treasures in heaven;
ah, so that i may for once be freed from self-deception, which has entangled me in the dreadful web of illusory life. ...

okay, if that's not what jesus was talking about, what COULD he have been talking about and DOING, all through his ministry, including on the cross and beyond? this isn't an idea; this is a path. this is torah. this is the eightfold path. this is the way to enlightenment. this is peace like a river. this is the shit. because it's ALL about what is going on INSIDE ME, so that i can then be present with another human being in one moment - and then i'm present with myself. i know where i am - and i can just love and thank and bless the other person and really mean it (and i don't need to say a word about that to them). they're teaching me something about me.
seem too mystic? try it. in a grocery store line. in your marriage or with your kids or parents. with your irritating co-worker. just be present, and thank god for how they're helping you see yourself.

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