Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Million Children

in 1498, the portuguese explorer vasco de gama landed in india. he began looking around, talking to indigenous people there. (strangely enough, these were also called "indians.") there were christians. christians he'd never heard of them. with churches. and tributes to the saint who had traveled there in CE 52, and started establishing churches.
the christians of this part of india hadn't had any substantial contact with other christians from europe or asia. they were their own branch of christianity. not a breakaway denomination or new movement or reformation. this was a cutting from the original vine. and as it turns out, there were a million christians in 1,500 churches.
they had begun because a saint traveled to india, with the trade routes from egypt and the mediterranean. it was thomas. doubting thomas.
when i learned this last week, preparing for sunday's talk, i felt better than good. i felt that i wasn't wrong, that having genuine, sincere doubts and reluctance to believe what everyone else tells me to believe is a good thing. it's real. it's the truth, for me. that's not the same thing as being cynical or flip. that's not truth. i mean the honesty to say, Hey, god, this is where i am.
god can use that for sure.

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nonprofitprophet said...

Wonder what those Indian Christians thought about those "other" Christians? It is an interesting thought, and upon reflection, none of the disciples really had it figured out about what was going on with this Jesus fellow at the time of his death. He had to reappear to many many many to get them to believe. It helps to understand this, because if they saw and still found it hard to understand, I don't feel so bad about having questions.