Monday, April 2, 2007


so, yesterday the plan was that in worship my talk was going to be about how pontius pilate's worldview was one of security, order, keeping things the way they are, serving the machine. concrete. static. predictable. ... and jesus' worldview was based not on practicality and order but on wonder and a sense of spirit as the true reality. and that that's what pilate doesn't get. the "what is truth?" question pilate asks, comes out of pilate's sense that he's dealing with something large here, in jesus, that he can't explain.
anyway, that was the plan. but what i ended up talking about was about pilate - the same list as above - being in one place, and jesus being in an opposite place. jesus' worldview was one of flexibility, change, allowing new things to emerge, refusing to serve the machine. jesus wanted to change the world. jesus wanted revolution. jesus was willing to sacrifice himself as an act of love, in affirmation of what he believed in. and so, fellow followers of jesus - what is it you are called to do to change the world? what is your revolution? because changing the world with love and standing up to the powers that be, when they are wrong, is not an option - it is a commandment.

perhaps that talk rose out of my fear that after last week's big talk about deepening our commitment to the vision of journey, nobody would show up this week. so, my soul was all about standing up for what you believe in, no matter what the circumstances are. my act of civil disobedience, against my own fears.
i'm sure that it was influenced by the bible study lesson we were doing yesterday, which was all about ... basically the same thing.
i also think i gave that talk in worship in part because my wife and i had watched "the motorcycle diaries" the night before. about ernesto guevara, or at least, about when he was a young man, a medical student, and how he went on this long trip across south america and felt a deep sense that something needed to be done for all these poor people.

but mostly i just think the Spirit got ahold of me, and that message is what really and truly is in my heart.
i do want a revolution. i do want the world to be different.
there is so much pain, so much fear, so much imprisonment of the heart.
i want people to be set free. i want them to have courage. i want them to know they matter.
i am willing to give my life for this. i am giving my life for this.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog- Wildman, it is good for you to "air" your emotions and not STUFF them down way inside... It is a very healthy thing for you to do... in a spiritual walk- in MY spiritual walk I ALWAYS feel uncomfortable when the outside doesn't match the inside...what helps me is to review what happened... what was my part in it... how can I do better... do I owe someone an apology? Then I go to God in prayer and ask for help and strength... the cool part- I LOVE THIS- is I can start my day over anythime I want.
The Money thing- I know that it might be uncomfortable for you to think and come before the congregation and ask for it- maybe it would help YOU to think about money as what it is--- Energy...
hope that this helps- I love you dearly and I want you to know that I admire you and your WILDMAN character... good job- you ROCK!!!

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Rick Diamond said...

thank you ricosheay. it's good to get in touch with that wild man energy. and with the energy connected to money and journey ifc too. what i learned in this last week and a half is that i am able, after all, just to let the space be. no attachment to results. there's a lot of fear around money in this culture. and i want journey ifc to be free of that fear. and so we're all learning together, me included, and that's GOOD! thanks for the encouragement!!

Rick Diamond said...

and anonymous -

amen back atcha.

nonprofitprophet said...

Revolution. The word itself strikes fear in establishments. I should know, been part of it most of my life. Problem is, revolution doesn't have to carry a negative connotation. I recall that most of my life, I have been called (amongst other things) a radical. My views are radical. When I don't conform and get with the program I am radical. Me radical? I doubt it. I think the proper word is passionate. I am passionate about my beliefs. It may appear radical to some, such as Pilate, but it is driven, by passion. Its hard to be passionate about legalism, but Love? not hard at all. ~npp