Thursday, May 31, 2007

in that Man's service

i am a man. i have everything i need. i am more than enough. i have the power to say No to my shadow and make it sit and behave, like a dog that's been chewing my furniture while i denied that it was there.

you do have a dog. we all do. we all have our shadow. it is a gift. it teaches us. in knowing the dog, the shadow, the voice in my head is there, i become empowered to stare it down, to decide for myself what and Whom i serve ... and how my shadow can help ME in fulfilling my mission. knowing my shadow's mission, i become empowered to say, Okay, it's there. and that's alright. it is what it is - and it for sure IS. so, i get to decide. i am deciding anyway; it is better for ME to decide INTENTIONALLY.

Jesus to every single person: "What do YOU WANT?" he comes and shows us our shadow. then he says, "Let me show you how it works when you serve the King of the Kingdom of God. You are God's Son. Step up. Your faith will make you well. Your decisions are your business. I will help you if you want me to." and he heals, and empowers, and cleanses us of shadows and addictions and stupidity and mistakenness, and then says, "Here, I'll show you something about being on the threshold -" and dies, with his body outstretched, hanging between heaven and earth, between a faithful man and a cynical man, loving everyone, thanking everyone, forgiving everyone, saying in one moment, "God, what is it? did you leave me?" and then saying, "Father, cancel that. i know you're there. i put my spirit back into your hands." and he cries out with a loud voice - "It is finished. I did my work." and then he is willing to go all the way down into the shadow ... and then comes back and says, "Hey, guess what: it's just shadow."

i am in that Man's service, and if you are in that Man's service, then you are in that Man's space. you serve Him. He empowers you. You have everything you need. Your faith makes you well, whole, powerful.

the dog will just do what we tell her. like children, she takes a lot of consistency and discipline and it's not a one-time fix; it goes on; it has to be resaid and resaid; and finally, it sinks in and we get it and the shadow gets it and we can move on and know it is exactly what it needs to be.

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