Wednesday, May 30, 2007

okay, but, i'm not that kind of christian

check out this link.
this person suggests that the idea of god being someone/something we pray to, and things happen, is The Greatest Illusion In The World.
what is not upsetting to me about this, is that that's not what i think about god. god is not a vending machine. god is not a magic trick. god is not a formula. surely god is much, much more amazing and overwhelming and Other than that.
i agree with the people at that the conceits and arguments made by christian thinkers that attempt to "prove" that god exists are flawed. i don't believe in god because of intellectual or logical proofs or formulas. i'm not sure i even "believe in" god - god is too big for that.
i have oriented a great portion of my life, my decisions, my priorities, around a deep sense of mystery, and a level of existence much larger than my to-do list, worries, the monkey chatter in my head, my fears, my busyness. i have deep trust in something i cannot define or prove or explain. it's not in my head. it's much much much bigger than anything i can imagine.
and i believe it is love, reconciliation, unity, holding all things together. that's what it does in human beings. in the rest of the universe? hell i don't have a clue, except that i guess it is doing the same thing with mathematics and galaxies and the deepest places in space and time.