Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i mean it.

i'm included. i have all my shit. all my brokenness.
but i'm open- rather than closed-minded. and i believe in love and acceptance rather than judgment and condemnation. and i believe in jesus as poor man speaking against powerful systems, rather than as tribal hero rallying troops to powerful systems.
and the people who see jesus as that person, a jesus who works for their corporation - that way of seeing the universe is dangerous.
jesus, protect us. give us the courage to fight. yes, to fight with love and compassion, but still, to fight.


Twisted Christian said...

Wait... he's still going to help my football team this year, right?

Rick Diamond said...

of course! after all, just because jesus doesn't work for a corporation doesn't mean he's not rooting for whatever team our children or our friends are on, or we're betting on or rooting for ... wait, is that right? hmmm