Friday, June 15, 2007

lately loss

seems like the last few days have been full of news of sadness for people. my friend lee eschelman, i just heard, committed suicide a month ago. i am so so so so so so so so fucking sad.
another good friend is still struggling with cocaine addiction and getting real about the consequences of her actions and taking responsibility.
another dear friend is having trouble with his father and stepmother.

i on the other hand am living a charmed life, and that's for real. but i'm sad for these beloved ones, and for some reason my heart and body feel connected to the sadness around me - like obi-wan kenobi feeling it when alderaan was blown up. no, really.

here's a link to lee. i am really sad about that wonderful sweet gentle soul. i know he's resting easy now - he was, like many of us, like me, not always easy in his own skin. and it must've gotten dark in the room of his heart. i couldn't remember at first who had emailed whom last bewteen us - we'd email, then a few months'd go by, and then email again ...
he had sent the last one. it was my turn.

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