Monday, June 11, 2007

nap ....... time ........

i think after weeks and weeks of being part of the team leading worship at journey in our "sabbath" theme, it is finally beginning to soak in. sabbath. it is part of the creation process, part of the life process. part of what god calls Very Good.

yesterday's worship gathering at journey was led by our children. it was gorgeous. beautiful. simple. funny. serious. sweet. and kaye mckee, one of our lead volunteers in our children's ministries, led the worship gathering. and she preached. and it was absolutely The Gospel. she reminded us about god taking pleasure in our play, and that the joy of the lord is our strength, and that the seventh day of the creation story isn't god resting and nothing happening - it's god resting, which is part of the creation experience.

and, kaye preached with braids and wearing overalls. it rocked.

no, i know - i know in my head that rest is good. but it's really starting to make sense, down deep. maybe it's because middle-aged, although i have no idea what that means in the 2000's. but that doesn't make sense - young people may feel that they're in a hurry, because they have so much yet to accomplish. but don't middle-aged and older people feel afraid and frantic because they don't have that much time left? or is there a breaking point where you just say, Oh, well, whatever.

this isn't that. this is, I'm where i've chosen to be, am doing what my heart wants to do, am learning and growing.

and therefore it's not only permissable to take a nap or rest or take a day off - it is essential. it is at the heart of being healthy and real and faith-full.

i came home from journey yesterday, ate some lunch, talked to some of the teenagers hanging in our house, went into my room, and slept for nearly four hours. lo and behold, when i got up, i felt happy. rested. played cards with the family and a friend, worked a puzzle when more teenagers came over, had a blast, made cookies.

woke up happy and ready to start the week.

here's a thought: when i'm tired this week, or frustrated, or lose track, or "go drama," i'm going to stop and rest and draw and sing and play. or bitch about stuff. and then play.
is that alright? does that mean i'm not serious about the things that need to be taken seriously? wait ... i get it ... it means i can be MORE engaged and intentional and present for every thing - especially when there is pain or need or urgency in someone's life ...

... can that be right? it's so not right, it's probably jesus ............. typical.


lisa carlton said...

Yes, holy rest is so important and we somehow are conditioned to believe resting is selfish and unproductive. Happy Holy Napping!

Anonymous said...

The Jewish mystic and philosopher Joshua Heschel said that the Sabbath is a cathedral in time.