Wednesday, June 27, 2007

no, the whole question is stupid

y'know, christians spend a lot of time - always have - arguing and debating and thinking about the question of whom to include in The Church. homosexuals, people of different skin colors, people with different beliefs, sinners, whatever. i've been connected to christians and christianity for so long, and i've been frustrated about that whole process, the arrogance of it, for so long ... that it just now hit me that the construct itself is asinine. the question itself is ridiculous.
it is asinine, ridiculous, crazy, because it is predicated on the principle that christians think that they get to control who has access to god.

it's not as if that; it is that. that is the principle upon which all such discussion is based.

i don't believe that christians have exclusive control of who has access to god. (i mean, just to type this assertion shows me how absolutely naive and childish it is to believe for a moment than anyone would ever have exclusive rights to god.) god doesn't care one way or the other. god is infinite. god is reaching out to every human being. god is reaching out way beyond human beings. god is present in all things.

hey christians - you really think god only responds to the people you've decided you'll allow in your club? the god of the sky? the god of cells and dna and the planets? i know, you're trying to figure out your theology. you're trying to figure out what the scriptures say. guess what: god does not give a damn. because god is Beyond. what you're trying to figure out is about you, not about god. i wish you could see the difference.
meanwhile, the rest of the universe - and god - go on about their business together.

jesus help us. and i mean that.


Twisted Christian said...

Excellent points!

This problem with so many Christians extends back to the idea that if any of us do anything wrong and the rest of us don't actively purge that "evil" from our midst, our community as a whole will suffer the consequences. It's the fear that started the Witch Trials. It's the fear that caused the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to declare that AIDS is God's punishment and 9/11 was caused by "the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, and the People For the American Way". It's the same fear that causes people to tear their spiritual communities apart because someone decides it's okay to accept people without hesitation.

I always reminds me of the "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." quote from Matthew 7:1-5. Of course, I'm perfect, so I can say these things. ;)

Rick Diamond said...

Here's what has struck me more and more in the last few years: i just don't see jesus doing any of this shit we do. i don't see jesus excluding anyone. i don't see jesus condemning anyone. i don't see jesus saying to anyone, "no, you don't fit in with us, so you can't get in on what i'm offering." he says "come to me, if you're tired or burdened, and i'll give you rest."
now, there are all those scriptures that christians like to cite - "no man comes to the father but by me," etc. - and i'm tired of it. to quote something out of context like that as a proof-text to justify the exclusivity that jesus fought against and died because of? that's blasphemy.

but hey, i'm probably going to hell, so what difference does it make.

nonprofitprophet said...

It is a ridiculus question. Not saying that God would condone all our activity, especially that which he has clearly imparted to us as against his will (or sinful) but he would never use our actions as a deterence to a relationship with Him. And it is even moreso ridiculus for us to exclude people due to this or that. Understanding that our behavior is sinful is different than judging one another, it is your response to your sinful nature and your relationship with God that determines your standings at the end of the day. Totally between you and the Big Guy. I can say with some certainity that certain behavior is clearly sinful, but that doesn't stop God from loving us, and it shouldn't be an excuse for the church to not love us either.