Thursday, June 21, 2007

young man cold

i'm over my cold. mostly.
this may not seem like a big deal but i'm not a good sick person.
okay, let me rephrase that. when i'm sick, i just stop. this is because i have gotten over young man disease. the ambition part, the guilt part, the control part, the insecure part, says, Oh, don't rest - work harder - don't be weak - and if you do feel too bad to get up and be helpful/be a man, then whine a lot to let everyone know you're really sick.
but now i just say, I'm sick, i'm going to bed. i don't try to convince anyone. i ask leslie what drugs to take, take em, and go to bed until i feel better.
that's pretty much it.
i still felt a little guilty about not going to the journey warehouse yesterday because i could feel the cold going away but not gone - but not guilty enough to go up to the warehouse, convince myself that i had done the right thing, sniff and blow my nose all over everyone, work a while, then come home and take a nap and feel worse. why not just stay home, work on emails and writing and projects, return some phone calls, and then take a nap when i was ready? and cut out the middle(young)man?
so i did.


nonprofitprophet said...

Heck no baby. I'm doing the Martyr thing and being manly and working sick. That way, everyone knows what a hero and trooper I am. I also get to "share the love" by making everyone else share in my misery, and possibly get them sick as well. I love to give. ;) but you do what you gotta do... lol.
I'm in a funky mood today. ~npp

Anonymous said...

The common cold?
The really cool thing is living a life that allows me to stop and just be sick...I don't have that life. Yeah, poor ME. I's my choice.

Young Man's Disease? Maybe, in my judgement, it would play a small role in in my "go the distance" attitude. Now money? Control? Fear? Responsibility? Busy-ness? Yes!..they play a HUGE role in my desire to take myself as far as my sick body will let me...even if that lands me in the hospital...which it has. And, once in the hospital, it's over. I'm submissive. Peace happens.

It's my life. It's my cold. It's my cold to beat down, over come, dominate. It's just another control piece for me. It's another thing to fix...claim victory over. I don't always win. I rarely win. I sometimes quit. I fail. I get angry. I get sad. I hurt the people I love. I focus. I fight. I stumble. I fall. I crash.

The common cold is the f'n devil.


revrin rick said...

crazy ain't it how the common cold can be such a lovely little mirror ... DAMMIT!