Tuesday, July 17, 2007

8 random factoids meme

i've been tagged by my friend and co-blogger bob carlton in a random facts meme.

rules to play
1. players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. those who are tagged should post these rules (on your blog or in emails if you want, and send 'em around, since not all my pals have blogs, or just list 'em in comments on this post) and their 8 random facts.
3. players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

my 8 random factoids:

1. i have "flat feet" and had to wear special tennies when i was a kid.

2. i am named after my father, but i'm not a jr. i'm a IInd. my father's mother said she didn't want her grandson called "junior."
3. i had lived 18 different places by the time i graduated high school.
4. in high school i had a crush on a girl who had a little bit of hair on her chest. that wasn't why i had a crush on her. i didn't even know she had it; a friend-girl told me not to notice when we all went to the beach, because the crush-girl was self-conscious about it. i peeked anyway. it was cute.
5. i only use very sharp pencils with still-functional erasers. any short pencils or pencils with either bad erasers or no erasers, i throw away.
6. i have always wanted to live in england, even though i've never lived in england. i like cold rainy weather, and i love english literature, so maybe it's in my dna somewhere.
7. i have shrunk 1/3 inch in height since college.
8. i have some o.c.d. in that i have strong feelings about the arrangements of people sitting around a table, the way things are arranged on a table or on a desk, and driving evenly over manhole covers and over the little blue bumps in the street that say there's a fire hydrant on the sidewalk. i realize this is weird and i don't care.

okay, those are mine. what are yours?? let's post some comments and share.

renee listed an extra, so here's mine:
9. i hate country and western pop music but i love hank williams sr., patsy cline, cowboy songs, and bluegrass. it makes me feel nostalgic for something i didn't live but wish i had.


writeright007 said...

8 factoids meme ...

1.i have 100 + porcelain collectable dolls. started collecting since childhood. but mostly since the mid 90"s.
2. i love licorice.. they don't have much selection in the south i have to go home to the west to get my favorite kinds. people here think i am nuts for liking licorice they say it looks like i am chewing on telephone cord. ahh what do they know?

3. i have a real craving for butterflied fan tail shrimp from a chinese resturant that we celebrated many occasions at during my childhood.

4. i love watching c-span yes I am a political wonk --geek-- museum quality, yellow dog , porch sitting democrat. they better get their heads out of the sand and do something or i am going to become an Independent and make those running earn my vote.

5. i started piano lessons at age "5" i had a damp dark basement to practice piano in. i took lessons for 10 years . i would say about half way through my lesson taking years around the age of 11. my mom told me to go practice piano. i would practice 30 min. a day. one day i practiced about one page and flew out the back door. only to discover my mom was right behind me with the broom in hand. a half a block later she caught me and smacked by butt with that broom and humiliated me in front of all my peers. needless to say i didn't cheat after that. but if i could have i would have. but..I love to play the piano now. glad she didn't give in and allow me to quit.

6. unlike you rick i grew up my entire life at 718 polk ave.and same phone number until i got married at age 19 .

7. i won a 25 $ gift certificate at a dress store when i was 10. that was the mid 60's. they just happened to pick my name out of the bowl. that $25 went along ways back then.

8. rick told me in the early 90's that i was a writer. he said writers are born not made!
and i believed him...

bonus#9. I signed up for eharmony.com i have had at least a 100 matches in less than 2 months. what an interesting process. they are the actual match makers.
being newly widowed after 32 years of marriage I wondered how singles met? they have given me many opportunities to interview a lot of dudes. surpisingly their are a lot of single guys over the age of 50.

Rick i guess this is how you do this tag thing . i have not done this before but thought, what the hell what do i have to loose?

i never knew you had some OCD issues. hmmm well ya learn something new every day.
have you always had to sit every one around the table just so so ?


revrin rick said...

a. i also love licorice. screw em!
b. i don't think of it as an ocd issue - i think of it as a preference for balance. but yeah, i don't like an odd number of people at a table without one person on an end to balance it out ... stuff like that. but the walls in my man cave at home look like a mess to everyone else, so it's in the eye of the beholder!

writeright007 said...

revrick said "i don't think of it as an ocd issue, i think of it as a preference for balance."

writeright007 said how about this one ... You practice "feng shui" at the dinner table:)

man cave huh? jealous of man cave want woman cave!

nonprofitprophet said...

licorice. well that must explain it! I know of no conservative that likes it. maybe there is a connection.
I absolutely hate it. Give me some beef jerky baby. In common however, is that I am fed up with the Repub's and am leaning independent. maybe that's what will bring us together - mutual disgust. ~npp

nonprofitprophet said...

my 8:
1. i dated the illegitimate daughter of RFK. OR so the crazy "parents" said. of course one of them ended up dead suspiciously.
2. at age 5 i lived in the same town and went to the same school until graduation, then got the heck outta there. The town celebrated.
3. my dad owned a lake house at a private club (small town thing) and I got "removed" by the assc. for partying too much out there.
4. I have a hard time attaching to animals/pets. in my childhood, my parents would routinely give me a pet and then give them away. i have issues now with emotionally attaching.
5. I am a moderate in theology, a conservative in politics & a moderate in social concerns.
6. in high school i got pulled over dwi. i talked my way out of it promising never to do it again. the very next night i got pulled over AGAIN by the same cop in the same place for the same reason. this time i begged and got out of it. last time i ever did that.
7. i had a to get glasses at age 10. made me different. had to get braces at age 13. pissed me off. Got mad at God, why couldn't I just fit in? now, its cool to have braces. go figure. oh yeah, i got good teeth.
8. i like messing with stuff on Ricks desk to mess with his OCD. just kidding. let see, numbe 8. I am the first person in my immediate family to finish college by working a full time job and some part times at the sametime while going to college to pay for it. took a while but i did it and i'm proud of that fact.

and ditto 9 on the c & w thing, and ditto the rest of 9.


revrin rick said...

to whitewright,
yes, i have a man cave. it's half my garage. some friends came over when we were some months into starting jifc and saw that i was working on my garage and in austin that's just too damn hot. so there's an a/c unit, and i put my posters all over the walls, and my desk and writing and study files are in there, and a ceiling fan, and the extra fridge, and the attic stairs, and the books that wouldn't fit in my office at the jifc warehouse. it is awesome. a good place to sit and read and drink coffee and burn incense and write.

and, yes, it's feng shue or however it's spelled. i like things to flow a certain way. i like things to look balanced. i walk around straightening pictures everywhere. (i have resisted the urge to carry a laser level wherever i go.)

to nonprofitprophet,
well ... i'm with you on beef jerky. i'd rather have that than licorice any day. so ... we're both independents. i am a moderate in politics - or maybe i just think the whole damn group are a bunch of selfish crooks, or maybe they just get eaten up by a sick and selfish system - and a liberal/libertarian where theological models are concerned, and a complete bum where practice is concenred, and a raving liberal where social issues are involved - no health insurance for the poor? where would jesus stand on that? depend on the rich to take care of the poor or help them? depend on the village of america, built on money and self-reliance? fuck that. we see how THAT'S working. but i'm also not for the big system caring for, and controlling, everyone either. so, hey, government, get out of my bedroom, get out of my classroom, get out of my face, and take care of the poor and disabled and help them get back on their feet.
jesus weeps.

of all the things i know about you, and let's face it, i know almost everything, i didn't know some of your list. the rfk daughter? that's creepy. not your fault, though.
and now i know why your pets all pee on the floor.

writeright007 said...

Oh ya... mutual discust will bring dems/rep/indep together.

can i just say you two are beef jerky dorks?
or concervative redneck beef jerky lovin' (man cave) men! :):):)

forever liberal licorice lovers rule !!!