Sunday, July 29, 2007

it's just jesus.

this is what worship at journey looked sunday before last. it's part of what it looked like, anyway. just a wall, in the back of the room, where the water fountain is. near the big door leading into the pool hall/art gallery/middle school space/ping pong room/junk place. and fenech and other beautiful journeyers transformed it.
it's just a little table. it came from somebody's living room. it's just candles. it's some plastic sheets of table covers, hung from pipes, with duct tape. it's a leftover tv. it's a powerpoint slide projected with a borrowed projector on the back wall, since we were facing the back of the room this time.
it's not a cathedral, or a sanctuary. it's just a room. it's not fancy stuff; it's stuff nobody needed anymore.
it's just jesus, with a meal of some bread and some fish.
it's just people, screwy and beautiful.
it's just the kin-dom of heaven, here, among us, among you.


Twisted Christian said...


So how do you have a rational, loving conversation with people who insist that this isn't appropriate?

- T.C.

Rick Diamond said...

well let's see.

a. share with people in, as you say, a rational, loving way, why you feel that that's how god is working for you, and in your context.
b. love em and let em know that it's all good.... and don't stop or be stopped. and do all that in love and compassion and peace.
c. agree to disagree.
d. fuck em. don't worry about convincing 'em. let them do their work and you do yours.
e. all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Since I have never read all the gospels, I don't know. When did Christ, if ever, build a temple, work or teach in a temple on a regular basis, or take over the religous system of Isreal.

Did he simply teach where ever he could when ever he could? Wasn't most of that outside of any existing jewish theological construct or system?

Wasn't one of Christ's major points that theological beaucracy (church) as practiced by people actually does more to keep us from God than it does to bring us to God?

You have taught me that relationship to God is to be one of child and father, not me then pastor, then church elders, then rule book, then bishop, then other rule book, then cardinal, pope, and finally God (or what ever chain of command strokes your fancy). I don't know maybe I an idiot? Or maybe that is what big church wants me to be, dumb and play along.

writeright007 said...

i think Austin is the prefect place for Journey.. with such a wide range of open minded people.
I've always liked that about austin.

its good to read your A thru E discription of how it all works for you .

and a little attitude to boot in line D there!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to add one more line:

And it is absolutely awesome !!

Rick Diamond said...

MJH - absolutely. any huge organization wants its constituents/ shareholders/ customers to play along, buy the product, give feedback but not too much, behave. so, hey, the more administrative levels the better. jesus wasn't into that. he never worked for a church. and he participated in the synagogue, went every week as far as we know, and went to the temple in jerusalem. he participated in the rituals of his culture - but he broke the rules they wanted enforced when he saw that it was important to do so. he was outside that system. didn't want to be one of its employees, or shareholders. that's good.
i'm with you - as far as jesus is concerned, it's just us and god and each other. yeah, it's more ragged, but it's real.

and yeah, whitright - i realize line D is a little attitudey, but what can i say. i mean it in love, and that's the truth. let them figure their thing out, and i'll figure out mine, and as jesus said, shake the dust off your sandals and keep walking to the next people you can love on.

writeright007 said...

ok is their another book in the works?
i like your theory in this post especially #D. and i believe we are to find our own way, our own spirituality. no one can do that for us.
but your right rick its got to be our own choice . or its not ours to OWN.
you explained your own treck in your first book.

now i am ready to hear the 2nd book? so where you at with that project? or is it tabled for the time being?

writeright007 Nancy :)

Rick Diamond said...

yes, there's a book in the works. it's about my belief that the lens through which jesus sees the world, is love - and everything else is b.s.
so ...
yes, it's got to be our choice. i have seen a lot of people spend a lot of energy on arguing, trying to get other people to agree with them, change, whatever. screw that. do what you're called to do and get over it.


Rick Diamond said...

oh - and - in answer to your other q - the 2nd book is in the works right now. yay! no time frame ...