Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh, Jo. Jo Rowling, you amazing, beautiful, blessed woman.

you knew all along.

you knew what you wanted to do.

you saw it, didn't you.

you saw how beautiful the story was that you longed to tell ...

the guts, the incredible guts it took to tell this story, to go all the way through all these books, and go as deep as you have into the darkness, the mystery, the unknown, the terrifying ... only to bring us to this amazing, gorgeous, overwhelmingly powerful conclusion.

we stood in line last night at barnes & noble after our trip to port aransas. exhausted. the trip back to austin in pouring rain and flooded-out roads and traffic and more rain, took six hours instead of 3 1/2. good lord.

and we changed clothes and went early to the bookstore to pick up our copy, which my beautiful wife had pre-ordered for me and my daughter and son.

i won the costume contest, dressed as the mean and strange professor snape. so that was fun. (it helps to have a leftover black pastor's robe.)

we got the book. we drove home. my daughter needed to read it first, because she's got school stuff and drill team stuff to do this week. but i didn't want to know what happend, i didn't want anyone to spoil the surprise for me. so i decided to skim it. i started reading at 1.

i couldn't stop.

i finished at 6:45 a.m., with the sun coming up. with tears in my eyes. tears of grief, joy, admiration, awe.

she did it. she pulled it off, and more.

every theory, every guess, every idea i heard among us fans about who will die, who will live, how it will work, what's going to happen ... none of them were shit compared to the guts of what jo rowling had seen all along in her head.

read this book and be amazed at the huge spiritual journey this genius - and ballsy, brave woman - will take you on.


ps: there will be endless discussion about whether she pulled it off. whether it was a satisfactory end. whether it all made sense. whether the series was worth this. you heard it here first: tell everyone to shut the hell up. read it. let it speak to you.


writeright007 said...

wow that must be some set of books for you to feel that way rick!

i am a harry potter books virgin.

i haven't seen any of the movies either.

but i am so tickled with the love you have for Rawlings writing. i may have to go check out this book at the library and start with Volume #1.

do you have any suggestions on what to look for when you read it from the beginning?

did you win something for the best adult costume?

Twisted Christian said...

Pictures. We want pictures of your awesome Snape costume! :D