Thursday, July 19, 2007

rainy day in port a

so the fam and i are in port aransas, the beachy little town near corpus christi on the gulf of mexico. and it's raining.
i love rain. this has been my favorite summer in years. it has yet to even get near 100 degrees.
the summer we started journey with a wonderful group of people, i happened to mention in a sermon or bible study or something that i hate summer. someone asked why. i had never thought about it. i said that shitty things happen in the summer - my mother and father split the summer after 1st grade, and i listed one or two other things i can't remember. i said i was neredy as a kid and i loved it when school kicked back in in august. i started to say "i got fired from a big church" in the summer - and linda jones, who's a deeply spiritual human being and one of the original journeyers, said, "but we started journey in the summer." and i said, Oh, my god, you're right.
she said, "why don't you claim summer for yourself?"
and so now i love summers. i did it. i just insisted that i would love summer. i'm sure i loved summer as a kid, playing outside and no school, but all my adult life, it's just too fucking hot. sweaty. bleah. and then i decided to love summer. the last 2 summers, i work in the yard, breathe in hot air (i've always loved getting into a hot car and breathing in the hot air before i turn on the a/c. weird.), sweat, wear shorts and flip flops (maybe that's a journey/freedom thing - HA! YES I RULE!).
and then here it is, summer in austin, and it's rained all of may and june and most of july and it's cool and it crackes me up.

so we're here, near the beach, and it's raining, and i'm sitting on the patio on the second floor of this lovely little cottagey hotel we're staying in, all crammed into one room because it's cheaper, and everyone's still asleep because it's raining, and i have everything i want in the world.

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