Monday, July 2, 2007

warrior work

i just watched "peaceful warrior." maybe i am particularly touched by it because i am very interested in the issue of men's work right now, because of my warrior weekend nearly a year ago, what i'm learning about becoming more and more healthy as a man, what i've been learning for years about being a whole and strong human being. this movie isn't perfect - i'm not sure why i'm saying that, because i loved it - but it may not be for everybody. i dunno. maybe too mystic/philosophical for some people. and i don't know nothing about gymnastics, and that's its overall metaphor for the journey this young warrior takes. nevertheless, it spoke to me. powerfully.

nick nolte plays a man who mentors a collegiate gymnast who's all up in his own head. full of young man's disease. full of confusion. self. bullshit. the mentor teaches the young man about getting out of his head and into his own heart, his body, his soul, the present moment.

it's all there is. seriously. that's all there is. that's where compassion for others comes from, where forgiveness comes from. it's the ability to be present. it's jesus, buddha, love, nonviolence. it's gandhi's willingness to suffer out of love. it's mlk. it's bono's giving of his fame and fortune for those who are hungry and sick. it's mother teresa. it's the path that leads to goodness and mercy. it's about letting go of everything that keeps us from being in the here and now.

to be a warrior is to be completely vulnerable, completely present, willing to feel, willing to listen. willing to love. willing to release.

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