Wednesday, August 1, 2007

many christians wear bracelets, t-shirts, buttons, and other paraphernalia that advertise their beliefs. many times those t-shirts are connected to a worldview that says that christians must "hold the fort" against the evil influences of the ungodly, the non-christian and therefore evil world around us.
here are some of the shirts that my family and i wear, and bumper stickers we put on our vehicles.

now, the reason for this is not so that we can show that we're more hip or more spiritual or more anything than other christians. and i know many christians who wear their t-shirts or buttons or put their bumper stickers on their cars just because they're sincere and want to say what they are about.

but many christians do these things as acts of defiance.
i am going to go ahead right now and own that part of what we diamonds feel is also defiance. the difference is that we don't think that we're right and going to heaven, and everyone else is doomed and evil. what we're passionate about is that we have been called to send a message of love and healing and tolerance and courage to the world around us.
i'm taking my own inventory here and realizing that there is a part of me that thinks i'm right and closed-minded christians are wrong. in which case, maybe i'm more like them than i realize.
isn't there a saying, "what you resist, persists"?
and ... jesus said to love one's enemies. for real.
having said that, i do recall jesus going off in anger against the selfishness and arrogance of the super-religious of his time.
i just realized that these messages aren't for christians. they're for non-christians, or post-christians, or christinaity-is-irrelevants. "there are people who follow jesus who aren't interested in beating you up, or promoting you're-going-to-hell messages, or converting you. some of us who follow jesus just want to let you know, we're for love."

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writeright007 said...

for me.. i wouldn't say i think their my enemies.."the shirt wearing, bumper sticker love'n folks who feel strongly about others eternal damnation and their rightness!!"

but i can tell you this much... i sure have a preference who i want to be around.

I kind of think they are the ones that have the hate condition happening! what ever?!?!?