Friday, August 3, 2007

post #100 ... wisdom

i'm excited. this is my 100th post. yay.
i think i'll share something very deep and profound. because that's how i roll.


if your wife says, when you get into the minivan, "there's a mosquito! kill it! quick!" and
a. you hate mosquitoes because they love your blood and swarm around you and you must have some sort of allergy or something because their bites swell up and itch horribly, so you always try to kill them every chance you get, and
b. you're a big guy like me with big hands and long arms and you're pretty strong,

... when you see the mosquito, don't whack at it really hard to make sure you kill it. especially if it's next to the windshield.

i have spoken. may this wisdom pass down through the ages.


CoachPeacock said...

that looks almost EXACTLY like the windshield I broke when this defective umbrella handle extended out and hit the windshield on the inside. I was NOT happy.

writeright007 said...

Hee hee...

writeright007 said...

RevRick i have thunk about your mosquito killing technique and it makes me giggle every time.
you big tough strong dude...who doesn't know his own strength.
has your wife let you live it down yet?

This 100th post is truly wisdom...because...
"YOU KNOW HOW TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF." and not to take your self so serious.
I wish you would teach every man alive this characteristic :) and woman :)

Rick Diamond said...

it is a good thing to laugh at oneself. it puts things in perspective ...........

nonprofitprophet said...

and your really really really good friends will laugh at you while you are doing it... :) ~ npp

Rick Diamond said...

aww prophet ... YOU'RE SUCH A SWEET FRIEND!


Chiron' said...

SOMEhow....this reminds me of a certain Pink Panther cartoon I saw once as a child. You know what? It wasn't this funny. Isn't this a David and Goliath metaphor? (just checking ; )

BRILLIANT writing there brother, thanks for the reminder to temper my intent to the application at hand, because God knows that often my excitement can allow my actions to go unmoderated.

Rick Diamond said...

i think i'm goliath and the mosquito is david and now i'm bitter. :-)

yeah, a little moderation is a good thing.

my sister, who's also my insurance agent, simply smiled and said, "Don't worry - you're covered!" that's grace.