Thursday, August 23, 2007

this book is just wrong

okay, actually, it's beautiful. i'm just saying, it's fucking with my head. horribly.

i'm in agony. and it's ecstasy.


Anonymous said...

that book is subversive, viral - and sublime

things i loved about it:
* it's personal & communal
* zondervan - spawn of murdoch, ensconced in grand rapids - published it
* it's brutal - and hopeful

shane is HUGE greenbelter (

my buddy will samson is a freind of his

Rick Diamond said...

the book is freaking my mind out. and that is a very very very good thing. it's making me ask questions about what i want my life to be about, what i want my part of journey to be about, what i want my life to value and give to the world.

it also assures me that i'm not crazy. that helps helps helps!!!

lisa carlton said...

loved this book, had to read it in one sitting...journaled for quite a few days after it. yes it is hard and wonderful and so relational and full of hope about what a real kingdom could be. it would be a great book to read as a group. yes i think you nailed it both agony and ecstacy.

Rick Diamond said...

i've had to read it slowly ... underlining ... writing notes in the margins ... i'm taking it very very seriously.

i think i'm going to recommend a group do a study on it. i'm also thinking about talking about it over a series of weeks in the big bible study time. why not?

writeright007 said...

Oh lord he's writing notes in the margins.. get out your notebook JOURNEY... there will be pop quiz...


Joe Rutland said...

I'm playing dumb here, OK?

Is this book along the lines of where Brian McLaren is coming from these days ... "Generous Orthodoxy," etc.?

I'm just asking ... not judging, OK. Inquiring spiritual minds just wanna know.

Also: While on books, is "Wild At Heart" truly good reading or another book that's going to bring up my Promise Keepers' shadows? Again, inquiring spiritual minds just wanna know.

Thanks ....... :-)


Anonymous said...


except for the fact that I absolutely agree.

h to the gentiles.

Rick Diamond said...

yes - and - yes ... :-)

Rick Diamond said...

bro joe,
this book goes past where mclaren was in a generous orthodoxy. mclaren's book is beautiful as it explores how beautiful it'd be and what it'd be like if we got over the divisions within christian traditions, doctrines, and practices.
claiborne's book is more of his own story, where he talks about what he has learned about practicing his faith without being caught up in the denominational machine.
both mclaren and claiborne are pushing american christians out into unsafe places. that's good good good.
i don't like wild at heart when it's all about evangelical stuff like the subjugation of women, christian jargon, approaches to scripture, etc. but i like that wild at heart encourages men to get in touch with their wildness, and to see god not as wimpy but as wild.
it's not as meaty as new warrior, but it's a step at least.

Rick Diamond said...

oh - and - promise keepers and wild at heart are probably cousins. or step siblings. both white male christian evangelical subculture, but wild at heart isn't so sweet. it's more gutsy. i like that. promise keepers was, for me, about being a good christian man and a big pep rally.

fuck that.

Anonymous said...

a few book-y things:

on the male spirituality front, i'd strong suggest

Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God by Mark Galli

Soul Brothers: Men in the Bible Speak to Men Today by Richard Rohr and Louis Glanzman

and trust me on this one,

EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE by Brian McL is another wa..wa..huh brain twister of a book (and likely the end of his reign as a viable evangelical pundit)

Joe Rutland said...

Revrin Rick,

Yep, I got it.

Fuck that to PK, too. Total mindfuck when it comes to biblical interpretation, "Making of a Godly Man," blahddda, blahdda, blahda (notice the descending "d" pattern? thought you'd like it. :-) ).

What Would Jesus Do? Run fast. Run REALLY fast from that, then stop, return, get up in front of 35,000 Christian "men" with their Bibles in their hands and say (in my words, OK) "You don't know what you say or what you do. You say you live by my words, hold your Bible studies, pray without ceasing but with lots of grunting, stress getting The Message out to the world, do intensive soul-searching ... yet you can't even touch your soul. You are soul-less. You men ... live by my actions and words, if you choose to do so, but WAKE UP!!! I did not come to have stadiums filled in my name. Remember what I did to those money changers? You might want to review that part of my life, too. Well I gotta run ... my buddy Joe is waiting for me at the Jericho Road. You men have fun here, singing your songs, listening to men in deep, profound voices say "The Word of God says" over and over again, cheer each other on, hug one another, stress reaching out to African-Americans over and over again, getting all goo-goo eyed and glazed-over looks about ME. When you really want to do something about your life ... read my Word with a new pair of glasses. Rather than tell one another what you think I am saying and what I am doing. Oh, by the way, I'll be starting two shows per night at The Mirage in Las Vegas next week. Be sure to tip the barmaids and waitresses on the way out. May peace be with you all. Now Sam ... how 'bout a little travelin' music!!!"

(Yes, the above was sarcasm ... dripping wet sarcasm.)

And YOU have a great day in the Lord Jesus, too!!!

Grace and peace,


Love ya!! ;-)