Tuesday, September 18, 2007

acl fest and geezers

sorry i've been out of it. i hurt my back. went to the back dr. he told me i need an mri. forget it. we just finished paying off our after-insurance-covered-it fee from my mri 2 years ago. ugh.
so i got some pain meds and headed out to the Austin City Limits Festival in beautiful Zilker Park here in Austin. here's a picture of my beautiful wife and a great friend of hers from high school - and of both of ours from college - and the pretty woman he's seeing who happened to come to ACL fest as well.

ACL fest is insane. first of all, it was freakin' hot as hell. actually, i didn't mind so much. i'm a texan. and a south texan at that. but still. it was hot. and there were 80,000 people there. all in shorts and sweating like pigs and laughing and having fun.
and so i took pain meds. i don't think i was stoned, but it was lovely. a tip: don't drink too much beer when it's that hot. i didn't, but i saw a bunch of people who had. and there was a fire during the pete yorn set. it melted some port-o-potties. crazy. the fire dept put it out. pete yorn kept on playing. so that was awesome.
saturday was a long, hot day. it's fun to people-watch at ACL fest. hippies, kids, crazy people, people having fun. dancing around. laughing. smoking weed. drinking. listening to music and happy and chilling. as it were.
music festivals are for the young. i didn't know much about the indie bands playing, and the new music, and the cool hip young bands. i'm a geezer. but it was still fun. and we saw friends there and that was cool too. but at a music festival there aren't assigned seats. people walk over each other. politely, but still. and one band is starting and another band starts and then another band all the way across the park starts or stops. it's chaos. it was fun, and crazy, and i loved it, and by sunday after journeytime i was wiped out. eek.
i'm a geezer. but i've got a hippie heart.


Anonymous said...

Nice read, thanks.

Remember Melanie?
LetHerIn dot org

Anonymous said...

Dude! I'm on your blog! I'm famous!
So fantastic seeing you and Leslie at ACL. Better than Arcade Fire, even.


Rick Diamond said...

and YOU ARE SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!