Tuesday, September 4, 2007

and god created them male and female, in god's image

this blog entry is a good way into the discussion about male spirituality. it's not about being macho. it's not about proving what a tough man you are. it's also not about being more feminine and sweet and introspective. it's about integrating masculine (yang, action) and feminine (yin, reflection) and being empowered and clear. richard rohr says that the church has been masculine in structure - hierarchy, patriarchy, build and have things and success - and feminine in spirituality - reflective, responsive, receptive. the problem, rohr says, is that the two haven't been integrated; they've been separated. so we've felt crazy. men have brought corporate thinking into running churches, and have been turned off to the inner work of the soul; men haven't much language to understand or articulate their own feelings and needs; women are way ahead of men in their inner work - and so there's been this big disconnect.
when i go further within, and it leads me outward, that's integration and power.
when i listen in order to act, and act out of listening, that's integration and clarity.
when i only listen, or only act, i'm disconnected.


Joe Rutland said...

Richard Rohr is a clear voice among the multitude of so-called earthly "heavenly hosts" that try to "get it" about being a Christian man. His writings, talks and CD series (check it out via AmericanCatholic.org) are incredibly deep. Much-needed wisdom in the faith. Too bad he doesn't get the press like others (T.D. Jakes, John Eldridge, etc.).

Rick Diamond said...

i don't think he gets the press that the others do, partly because the press wouldn't know what to do with him. i've heard him speak and met him and he's the most humble man, smiling, relaxed, passionate, real, smart smart smart and you'd never know that he knows it. so, i don't think he'd make much of a media star. plus, he gives all his talks away for, like, nearly nothing. that's the thing with people who take a vow of poverty for god! they're cheap!
anyway, he's THE SHIT!