Monday, September 10, 2007

by the way ...

in case anybody had any question -
this image is just wrong. it's evil. that's why i included it in the badass listening jesus post.

it's about what happens when people make jesus their tribal military bully hero. all the wrong energy. jesus refused to have power over all the kingdoms of the world. refused. period.

this one's wrong too. eeeeek.

and then there's this one:


Unknown said...

Saw this one in a Christian bookstore. Took my breath away. Literally. Look closely at the picture they're standing in front of.

Rick Diamond said...


yeah, let's get jesus to come to all our corporate meetings and political meetings so he can BE ON OUR SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonprofitprophet said...

I thought we were to be on his side! I always get these things screwed up... lol
and hey, I like the pic with jesus and the carbine rifle... Looks like a John Elridge retreat. Actually kinda looks like me, minus the hippy hair.. man I'm on a roll today. ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

yeah well jesus being brought in on our agendas ain't the same thing as being on on jesus' side ...
i think you oughta grow some hippy hair! and wear your sidearm!