Thursday, September 13, 2007

dung not wasted

so i'm watching Jeff Corwin who rocks. he's on Animal Planet. he knows EVERYTHING about animals, plus he's hilarious and very cool. and there's a dung beetle on a beach in spain. and jeff observes how this dung beetle uses the scat from a horse or some other animal, and rolls it, and puts it in a tunnel in the sand, and then lays its eggs in the dung. the larvae feed on the nutrients in the dungball. and meanwhile little tiny bugs are riding on the belly of the beetle.

jeff says, "in nature, nothing is wasted."

so what is it about us human beings that we want to get rid of things within us? and i'm not even talking about the obscenely irresponsible tonnage of waste and trash that human beings in developed (...) countries generate and then just dump.

i mean, our experiences. our feelings. our fears. our regrets. our shadows. we call them sin, or mistakes, or crap, or whatever. dung. something to ignore or deny or run from.

what i'm learning is that everything belongs, as richard rohr says. god is in everything. everything is sacred. everything is a gift.

when i open myself to god being present in what i'm afraid of, or what i've got a lot of energy around, or what i don't want to look at in myself and the world around me, i realize that i can always be learning, always be choosing, always be finding. that god is infinite and yet present, and that my soul is not just about choosing good or bad. it's about learning and growing. and that is freedom and power.
and besides, the dung beetle is a strong little creature. so are we.


paraheadache said...

Wow.... you got me with this one. I have been thinking somehow that I have to get rid of stuff, leave the fear and regret and harshness that I have surrounded myself with for years... (although downsizing my *possessions* has been really cathartic and good I think) and I have decided that some of those things have been good for me in some way. I have learned from that junk. I have grown to be the person that I am because if that junk. So... now I can own it, and not worry. Maybe instead of trying to get rid of it all, I should try to be more accepting... because we all have junk.....

Rick Diamond said...

downsizing is good. that's not the same thing as denial, right?
in fact, it's a way of FACING all of it. and learning from it, right on.
maybe we should all be more accepting of our DUNG DUNG DUNG!!

nonprofitprophet said...

I have this overwhelming desire to say that this is crap... had to do it...sorry dude. too easy.
but yeah, i know what you are saying. its just late friday nite and I couldn't resist. ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

GET IT? THIS IS "CRAP" ... awww npp, you are so FUNNY! you're funny as shit! OH, WAIT ... get it?

nonprofitprophet said...

My wit sometimes escapes my own senses. I'm setting here having a glass of wine and reading posts. Gosh its good to be an adult!
;). I'm probably coming down your way this weekend. ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

yes ... it's a wonderful thing to be an adult.

you're coming down here? you didn't say nothin'!

nonprofitprophet said...

I got canceled. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

So true... do you mind? Because this particular beetle has been a lot on my mind.

Keeping my shit together

Somewhere in Africa There is a beetle that pushes shit around.
All day… Everyday same shit...
Different shit. It feeds on shit, and its offspring feeds on shit.
And its every day task is all about pushing shit home to its habitat.
Pushing it home to its offspring, without some other bug stealing it.

I feel a little like that beetle.
The difference is just that I don’t get to push my shit around that much.
Mostly I’m running in circles around my shit,
Trying to keep it together
And every time I start “rolling”
Something falls of, or I see something I want to add to my shit
So this is my everyday task;
Keeping my shit together!

Shit – defined

There’s shit. And there’s SHIT.
But my shit isn’t really shit. It’s just a crappy term I use. ;)
There’s the shit I try to keep together;
All the shit I’ve earned, all I haven’t. All the shit in my head and everything on the outside.
And it’s hard, especially when you call it shit. But it means a mixture of everything I “consume” mentally, spiritually and task-wise.
It all comes out and has the same value for me, once consumed.
Once it has been through my “system”.

Rick Diamond said...

afrodanedee -
absolutely. the whole thing we've been told to do is to get our shit together, keep it together, be in control, figure it all out. but ultimately the only things we know are the things that have been through our systems. that's about walking the walk, not talking the talk.