Sunday, September 9, 2007

journey and not for sale

not for sale. no one should be for sale. there are more people in forced labor and captivity - mostly for prostitution but also for manual labor of all kinds and armed conflict - than there have ever been. there are more people enslaved right now than there were during the entire 400 years of the trans-atlantic slave trade between africa and america.
who cares, right? i know. they're all brown people, or foreigners, or whatever. it seems far away. but it's not.
and on top of that, when i find out this information, i sort of freak out. that's 27 million people. i have no idea how to respond to that number. i have no idea how to get someone out of slavery.
at journey it's our mission to do what jesus said was the most important commandment. to love god. to learn to love ourselves as god loves us. and then to love others - those in our families, those in our workplaces, those in our neighborhoods, those in our cities, and those all around the world - as god loves us.
it's a hell of a lot of work. it's a pain in the ass. and it's worth doing.
there are enough christians. there are fewer followers of jesus and what jesus told us was important.
this is important. journey makes a difference for many people by learning how to love god, love ourselves, and love the world.
there are lots of kinds of enslavement. we're in for the fight. we're already fighting.

"i have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the minds of men [and women]." - thomas jefferson.
"i do believe, i really do believe in the New Jerusalem, i really do believe that we can all become better than we are. i know we can. but the price is enormous and people are not yet willing to pay it." - james baldwin, 20th century african-american writer and activist


Twisted Christian said...

It's stunning and sad, especially when reflecting on the Jefferson quote, how there's so much of this awful activity that is happening today, right here at home, and in our name across the globe. I just posted a new Pic of the Week that exemplifies that very fact.

Assuming we know about the magnitude and awful depravity of the modern slave epidemic, what can we do today... right now... to make life at least a little better for them? I know were in the fight, but what exactly is that fight calling us to do that can make a difference today and every day?

Rick Diamond said...

right on t.c. right on.
yes, that's the question your journey ifc staff are discussing today. we're going to follow up with the not for sale office and ask what specific things we can do, how we as a faith community can be connected to abolitionist resources here in central texas and support anyone we can, and what other things we can do here and beyond to help our brothers and sisters and fellow children of god.
word up.

Twisted Christian said...

I'm excited about getting out there and helping in a direct, positive way. Thanks for continuing to keep this serious subject in the public mindset. I think I might start trying to find out what kind of things can be done at the local level and start blogging about this regularly.

Rick Diamond said...

yep. it's all good that there are wonderful loving people who want to do something about this because it's the loving, right thing to do.
i'm in.