Monday, September 24, 2007

Lala disease ...

this post cracked me up. i've included the comments too.

we christians - and i say that looooooooosely - have been sold something that's not true. things will all be alright if we are just faithful and pray and do right. eek.

jesus never promised that.
he promised the opposite.
this blogger says that there must be something deeper. i'd add that it's even something better.


Wandering servant said...

I just think that 'becoming a Christian' in its true sense only arms us with a new lense to view our lives through.

We all just need to wear Jesus glasses.

revrin rick said...

it's not about anything but a new way to see everything ... and life flows right out of that.
like all of life flows out of whatever glasses we're wearing.

jesus glasses! jesus glasses! although some days i think what i need is eye transplants ... heart transplant ... head transplant ...