Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the little lies vs the big lie

scott is a man i'm friends with. he is truly wild. wild-hearted, wild-minded. he's loud, funny, quiet, serious, reflective, impulsive. he will do anything. well, no, that's not true. my thought is that he'll do anything that the Spirit and his soul tell him to. he has coyote energy. he has prophet energy. he has servant energy. he's one of the Warriors in austin. he serves in the franciscan order. he is deeply committed to his faith - and many many many ways to live it out.

i was on the phone with scott on my way to ACL fest weekend before last. we were talking about this and that. we got onto the topic of serving god, and how people will sometimes turn on each other, act out of illness or shadow. and how beautiful it is when someone breaks through and sees. and how it sucks when someone stays stuck, and transmits their poison.

scott said, "the devil doesn't care about the little shit. the devil doesn't care if you cheat a little on your taxes, or drive a few miles over the speed limit, or cuss. that's all kid stuff. if that's what keeps us busy, the devil doesn't mind that. that helps him.

"the devil doesn't care so much about the little lies as about the big lie. if the big lie's getting out there and fooling people, the devil's happy. his work is done.

"the big lie," scott said, "is that This Is All There Is."

holy shit.

if i believe that this world, this life, the way i'm feeling at this moment, is all there is? then i'll cheat or steal, or be nice, or behave, or whatever works for me, in order to minimize pain and maximize pleasure.

if i believe that this world, this life, the way i'm feeling at this moment, is all there is? then other human beings only matter insofar as they make me feel good. and there is no god - so why put all that energy into trying to connect to something that's not there? that leaves me more energy to make this moment, this life, this existence, all i want it to be.

if i believe that this world, this life, the way i'm feeling at this moment, is all there is? then if the way things go for me, and my circumstances, and how i feel about that, determines everything. and if things go badly? there's no larger meaning. there's nothing to look for to make my life make sense, or even have coherence.

if i believe that this world, this life, the way i'm feeling at this moment, is all there is? then what's the fucking point, except to survive as long as possible?


CoachPeacock said...

Three ways to look at this:

1)If all the crap we deal with each day, the pretending, the being nice, the stealing, the perversion, etc, is what we feel is all that there is, then we can react 1 of 2 ways. If humans are inherently bad, then we will do whatever we want to do to make ourselves feel good. If humans are inherently good, then perhaps we will do what we can for the greater good.

2)What if all the crap we deal with each day is only what we have to get through to earn our right of passage to the father? Then we can choose to disbelieve that bullshit we are fed growing up in church and revert back to the paragraph above. If we DO buy into that, then we can either:
A: be as obedient and faithful as we can so we can be rewarded for our good behavior with that heavenly cookie.
B: Follow in Christs example and show and tell every one we can the good news that this is not all there is.

3)What if Jesus helped us realize that all the crap doesn't matter and that we are ALREADY WITH THE FATHER and our sole purpose was to not let the stuff get to us and to other people?

I know for a fact that I do not make my son Noah go through crap to prove his love and faith in me as his father. Why would God do the same to us?

Rick Diamond said...

that question - are humans inherently good or bad - is huge. it matters.
i do know this, in my bones: god is not a god that wants us to go through crap so that we'll come running back and be codependent. that's just weird.
i think you're dead on with something: we're already with the father, the father is with us, god's kingdom is here, we're in, and we can embrace that. that gives us freedom and power. it keeps us awake.

nonprofitprophet said...

Well good lordy be, Scott speaks the truth. His point translates well into the church also. If we, the official church, become so focused doctrinal issues, building campaigns, the latest program or endless committee meetings - then the devil is completely fine with that as that would be totally missing the whole point. Of course meetings have to happen to facilitate THE ACTUAL POINT, and that is fine. And that is when the devil gets a bit irritated. Guess who else gets irritated if the focus is the aforementioned - yep. God. I can't find anywhere in the scriptures where Jesus said "go and form a committee and report back to me later". ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

jesus never said to go form a committee and talk about what to do.
what he did say/do was this:

gather people around a common purpose.
teach them about it.
model it by doing it.
invite them to do it, and he supervises/ trains/ instructs/ corrects.
sends them to do it.
meets with them after they do it to talk to them, listen to them, encourage them.

it's all about DOING SOMETHING! not just sitting around TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING!

evil rejoices when we sit around talking about stuff.
evil trembles when people filled with the spirit get off their asses and do stuff.

the end.

Anonymous said...

There's a funny thing about digital imagery and digital cameras -- you can blow the picture up and up (or focus in and in) and all of a sudden you can see something that wasn't even visible in the picture as you took it...
So when I wonder "Is This All There Is", I'm ofter confused about what "This" really is and that "This" is a hell of a lot -- probably a lot mor than I can handle or know about. And if I really attend to "This" it usually has its own rewards.

Rick Diamond said...

THAT ROCKS. absolutely. isn't it funny how we can miss something that's right there in front of us? and i think that God wants to wake us up. help us see what matters. what This Is.
i think that's what people are hungry for. but it's not easy ...