Saturday, October 20, 2007

the conversation

bob blogged about a conversation about how to be different kind of church together, a conference held last night here in austin. i'm pissed off because i'd've loved to have been there and heard it.

i was at the cedar park high school football game last night, watching and cheering, waiting until halftime when my daughter's drill team performed an awesome (as always) kick routine. that was where i chose to be. it was good.

but i really believe that the ongoing conversation about what is emerging in how to follow jesus, how to be christians, how to be together and also be distinct, how to be open to what is happening and also be faithful to what we feel inside - i really do believe that the conversation is important. it's not about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin; it's people genuinely trying to get a sense of what's happening, what god is doing, what the spirit is telling us, and what our parts are in that unfolding.

it is a very exciting time to be a jesus person.
i'm glad it's happening.
thanks john r. and thanks bob for the report.

ps and, yeah, there's always the problem of people getting into this being the new fad. and of people getting caught up in the excitement and climbing the ladder in the new organization. and of people deciding they're right and the thing before them was Just Wrong.

those can be divisive and destructive developments. but i still think it's worth risking that - and accepting that it will happen - to help birth the thing the spirit is doing.
not that the spirit couldn't do it anyway ... but i like helping ...

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