Thursday, October 18, 2007


so i changed my googlebloggerorwhateveritis name. i am no longer revrin rick; now i am journeyingrick. there's a reason.

i honestly don't think of myself as a "reverend" - it's an antiquated term that echoes the separation between laity and clergy. when i started google/blogger some years ago, i used "revrin" because it was a way to deflate the self-importance of that term, to let readers and friends know that i don't take it seriously, and to remind myself.

but i don't even think of myself as a revrin anymore. i see myself as on a journey.

at first i thought, I don't want to use "journey" in my name - because it's not about the faith community i'm part of.

this moment, 6:55 a.m. on thursday, october 18th, 2007, in my Man Cave in my garage at my house in cedar park texas in the northern hemisphere of the western hemisphere of planet earth ... is only a moment in space and time, and it's only a part of my story, and The Story, and everything and all things are in this moment, and this moment is already over - it's 6:57 now - and everything is connected and who i am in this moment is very different from who i was a year ago or a decade ago or 40 years ago, and who knows what i will be a year from now, or five, or ten, or forty? and so everything i am is passing. and yet like a river i am always moving, always changing, and yet always myself.
i am many things, and one thing, and all things. you are, too. and ultimately there is no separation between you and me and all things seen and unseen.

i am journeying. and i am rick.


Anonymous said...

I think you should be careful to consider the difference between what you call yourself (not very important), and what God calls of you (very important). There is connection, and there is interrelationship, and there is community, but there are also different perspectives. The perspective of leadership has its own unique qualities of risk, reward and pain. One with such perspective usually cannot avoid these qualities even with eyes closed.

Rick Diamond said...

you are RIGHT ON about being aware of what we call ourselves vs what god calls us/calls to within us. absolutely.
my thing is, god was telling me, and my soul was agreeing, that the distinction "reverend" didn't have anything to do with god's call in my life ... but my role as a leader/ servant/ follower in the work of god in the world? that has everything to do with who and what i am.
right on.

nonprofitprophet said...

so "journeyingrick", just how many syllables is that anyway? I will definitely have to work on the annunciation. Perhaps a Shiner would help. Fascinating how every second defines us in some way, and that what my thought was a minute ago has been added to a collect of a gazillion to total who I am - and who I may yet be or cease to be. Born 19** - Died 2***. Its all about that little dash ain't it.

Rick Diamond said...

a shiner would most DEFINITELY help. (for you non-texans, a shiner is one of the most beautiful beers in the world, made right here in central texas. old german-american community. yeeeeah.)
it is all sure nuff about that little dash. and even then it's fuzzy. i'm quite convinced that there's a lot of wiggle room before and after and during.
it would gimme a headache except that i'm too old to get too torqued up about it; i just figure i'm surfing and i might as well enjoy the sun and the spray and the water and the land.

remind me of that when i start to throw a fit about something i'm not happy about, willya?

nonprofitprophet said...

no problem. I am on Shiner #2 at 6:22 pm (I'm conditioning myself for my long weekend ahead) and surfing the net. I'll remind you if you'll remind me next time I b.m.w. btw - things are rosey at work since I called the bluff. I blogged it shortform.