Wednesday, October 24, 2007

no, seriously. these are my celebrity look-alikes

i noticed a picture of jesus and jennifer connelly together. she's a beautiful woman. but it turns out that there's a website that can take your picture and show you which celebrities look most like you. the program said that the celebrity who looks most like jesus is jennifer connelly.

i put my official picture they took at the austin american-statesman when i did an essay for them some months ago. check out the handsome mofos that look like that picture of me.

ummmm ... how do i even begin to respond to that?
now, granted, i'm not sure that mug shot really looks much like me unless i'm smiling nicely for a camera. which i never do. but still.
although, i do like the range - from o henry to telly savalas to maharishi mahesh yogi? (and by the way, everyone laughs about my unruly mess of hair - and i look like telly savalas?) i have to, and i do, respect that.


Anonymous said...

"Who loves you, baby?"

Rick Diamond said...


jscorbin said...

Sorry Chief, but I disagree. You're much better looking than any of these mugs. And, I like your unruly hair ... it's you.


Rick Diamond said...

awwwwww ace - YOU'RE TOO KIND!!!