Wednesday, October 3, 2007

so what's on your list of things that are just good?

leave comments and let's see what y'all think.

so far, in response to my post on some things are just good, we've had:

a few more votes for justin timberlake
timberwolves football (two of us have daughters in a high school with timberwolves as mascot)
a favorite author

i'll add

sitting in the journey warehouse living room
my son's and daughter's laughter
my wife picking on me and tickling me
having the guts not to put something off



Anonymous said...

my wife's neck
the smell of pinon
james taylor's voice
first snow
lyle lovett
fresh salsa
high school football

Rick Diamond said...


KJ said...

Here's a few for me:

playing with my nieces and nephews
hearing the wind blow through pine trees
early morning- it's the quietest, most serene time
Pavorotti singing "Nessun Dorma"
blackberry cobbler
South Park
sitting by a lit Christmas tree listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas
Journey Youth
your Bible Studies- even though I never get to hear them anymore :(
watching TJ play football

I could go on, but that's good for now.

Harvestar said...

cuddling with cats and hubby on a Saturday morning while reading a good book

having awesomely good Chinese tea at the local tea house and taking your time about it

Visiting with great friends in Austin and getting to go to Journey :)

the smell of the spice cabinet

hearing a favorite song on the radio

-Karen, the Astronomer

Rick Diamond said...

what a wonderful list.
just for that, even though at this moment it's officially not saturday "morning" any longer, i'm going to go snuggle my wife and read a good book - #4 in Diane Duane's Wizard series!
wait, my wife's going to a movie with her mom. okay, i'll just sit here and read anyway.
thanks for your list!

Rick Diamond said...

i got an email from peggy strickland and here's her list:

the smell of bread baking;
the journey kids during children's church;
walking into journey and having a dozen hugs before you can find a chair;
a God that I can call Abba;
the way Journey recharges my batteries;
watching God work through journey