Monday, October 1, 2007

there are some things that are just good.

some people call them guilty pleasures. i'm against shame, so i'll call it something else.
some people call them indulgences. that suggests gluttony, sickness, etc., so that's out.
some people try to deny them and say they never do such things. that's just fear.
embrace what gives you joy. not pleasure - those things can be unhealthy.
i mean, something that just makes your soul feel right and makes life better.

i have many. horseback riding. fishing. yard work. watching movies with my family. drawing. writing. watching the sun come up. the cool air of fall. my wife and son and daughter and wonderful friends. pancakes. rock n roll. reading a great book. sitting by a fire. cold beer.

and ... i like justin timberlake.
sings in lots of different styles. dances funky. plays guitar, keyboards. handsome. influenced by old-school soul. interesting, well-written, well-produced pop music. and there isn't much well-written, well-produced pop music. i don't care that he's a teen idol, or what ridiculously hot actress he happens to be dating. i just think he's a good musician.

i know, i know ... to paraphrase paul rudd and seth rogen in the 40 year-old virgin, "d'you know how i know you're gay? you like justin timberlake." yeah well. my gay friends rock, so, whatever. all i know is, i like justin timberlake.

join us. resistance is futile.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I like JT too. He is good, even if he thrives in a style of music that I am not a huge fan of. Seems like it has now become cool to hate him for the pop idol he is. Why do we like something to teh point of making it huge, then hate it because everyone else likes it.

And don't forget Twolf football. It is huge fun from beginning to end.

Rick Diamond said...

OH MY GOSH YOU'RE RIGHT!! i should've totally included going to Timberwolf football games! ahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

and, yes, that's what people do - they love something, and share it, and get excited about it, and see it grow ... and then when it's big, they all try to kill it. i have no idea what that's about. but it happens.
the things that last are the ones that have something deeply true down inside. they're not fads; they're real.


Anonymous said...

Who is Justin Timberlake, "J-Timb"? I heard that electronically imbedded in his latest CD is the encrypted message, "ekalrebmit nitsuj". But, is it art?

Rick Diamond said...

okay, THAT'S DEEP.
i got nothin'

Anonymous said...

i suspect you are LOVESTONED

Rick Diamond said...

And now I walk around without a care
She's got me hooked
It just ain't fair, but I...
I'm love stoned and I could swear
That she knows
Think that she knows, oh, oh
She knows, she knows, oh, oh

now, is it inappropriate for me to think about God as being the She in these lyrics? it's a "she moves in mysterious ways" thing. that makes me like it more. i'm too damn old to be clubbin' ...

writeright007 said...

i swear to God ya'll write in code here.
really guys justin timberlake???..

mr. Rick... did you know...
Robert McGammon's new book entitled: The Queen of Bedlam , is coming out this month.

it is a sequel to "Speaks the nightbird" (2002)

they say the way its written they expect he will be writing more.
can't wait. love that author. "Boys Life " is a can't put it down read.
just thought you might ENJOY... learning about McGammons book its guiltless pleasure look it up on amazon. it sounds pretty good to me.

Rick Diamond said...

a. yes, all us men are saying we like justin timberlake. father of teenagers old men. what can i say.
b. i don't know robert mcgammon but i've heard of boy's life and a good author is a WONDERFUL thing that is just good. so i'll be on the lookout ... thanks for the rec!

nonprofitprophet said...

For the record: I can't stand Justin Timberlake. To clarify - I can't stand his voice, not him personally. Reminiscient of fingernails on a chalkboard. Ugh. However Tobi Mac puts me in the Yeah Baby mood! So I am not totally un-hip.
Moments: A song from the past that takes me back to a forgotten memory, the feel of fall and memories of childhood and the beginning of school years, my favorite number when it appears in various forms, places, scripture, times, etc... just too name some I haven't seen here yet... ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

npp - you are ABSOLUTELY not un-hip. toby mac makes it ALL good. you don't have to like j.t. to be awesome. you are always awesome!!!

great additions to list, STUD!