Thursday, October 18, 2007

the truth in this music will set you free or just get something in your head to start making weird noises

i would worry that everybody is into the cool stuff before i find out, but i have (almost, nearly) accepted that you get there when you get there and i just got there.

iron and wine

this man, sam beam, lives in central texas and makes beautiful and strange and haunting and sweet and sad and gently loving and heartbreaking music. it has gotten into some places deep in my head, behind and beyond the front part where the reasons are.

here's some data.


jscorbin said...

Iron and Wine is awesome. Mark pointed me to his (their) music a couple of years ago. "Sodom, South Georgia" is my favorite. Haunting melody. Then I discovered several website devoted to discussion/meaning of SSG lyrics. Go figure, if you must. Or, just enjoy ...


journeyingrick said...

GOOD LORD yes. i'm freaking out.

i'll have to check on the lyrics websites. i used a song - woman king - yesterday in teaching a class at a high school on journalism; i had no idea what the lyrics meant; i just loved how juicy and concrete they were.

happytheman said...

I loved what he said in the Chronicle. He said people ask him all the time why he doesn't play more in Austin. His response, "you come watch my kids." Good stuff