Tuesday, November 6, 2007

101x deejay mission outreach

a few years ago, when i was working at a big church with lots of expectations, i happened to be listening to the radio while dropping my son off at swimming early in the morning. the deejay, or host, or whatever they're called now, asked a trivia question about moby. the rule was, if you could answer the question correctly, and come down to the studio and let them shave your head, you could get bacsktage passes to the upcoming Moby show here in austin. i knew the answer to the question - what is moby's religion? and given that i am a preacherman, and also a lover of cool music, i knew that this techno musician is a Roman Catholic. so i called in - and got through! and they answered! and it was the right answer (actually, the answer the deejay had in mind was just "christian")! the deejay, whose name was drew, asked if i'd come down. so, i drove to the studio north of downtown.
drew was great. funny, relaxed. his c0-host was great on-air but she was a drip in person. but that was okay; drew and i got along great. laughed. i knew from listening to the show that he was really smart. they shaved my head. i hung out. it was a hoot.
drew asked me about myself, what i did. i was reluctant to tell him about it, but i gave in. i emphasized teaching rather than preaching. i didn't want our conversation to be stuck in that awkward place where it gets quiet because everyone's uncomfortable - "he's wearing white after Labor Day" or "he's a mass murderer" or "he's a dentist; don't open your mouth." it happens all the time when people find out i'm a pastor. eek. but drew was genuinely interested in what my work is about. i learned a lot about him too, and we had a good time.
drew and i said hi again a few weeks later at the moby show. it was great. we laughed and got along. (his partner? nah.)
i mailed him a copy of my book wrestling with god. mailed it to him, with a note. never heard back. that wasn't the point; it takes me a long time to read the books (a zillion) that people give me to read. i just wanted him to have it.
i also wondered whether i'm too old. this young man was in his late 20s, hip, very austiny, new media, what's happening.
so, last week i was listening to the morning show on 101x (drew and hag have left) and i love the new morning show deejay, deb. she's english. funny. sweet. and it turns out she's pretty. jason got married last week, and so deb is on her own this week. i emailed her to tell her good luck, and that i like her show.
she emailed back.
i was amazed. me? a young austin hip person, emailing me? and on top of that, she told me to tell her about what i do, i guess at journey. so i sent another email, and talked a bit about what journey's about, and what i do, and invited her. i told her journey would be a good place for her to hang out. ask questions. not be beaten over the head.
haven't heard back. it's only been a few days, but still.
i'm wondering whether the spiritual-seeker-open-to-mystery thing isn't enough to override that i'm a pastor of a church. no matter what you call it, that's my job. and i'm grateful and willing for that to be my job. thrilled. but it feels sometime as if the "church" is just for church people. and that young adults just aren't going to get it - unless they go to cool churches because it makes them feel cool - and journey ifc isn't cool. it's way too relaxed.
yes, i hear you - why wouldn't what journey is about make a great place to collect, hang out, just be?
i dunno. i don't think i'm the person to connect to young adults, no matter how hip i am. and i'm old, let's face it.
if deb emails back, i'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

In theory, I intellectually believe that "we", people in general, should never second guess who we are and what we do. What is considered "cool" or not is only a figment of imagination anyway. Or, at least what consumerism tells us is "cool" in order to promote the selling of a product.

People are people. Individuals who need a way to connect to others and to God, even if they do not realize it. I do not personally know Deb but know enough of her story to safely say that she fell into the radio business through simply winning a contest through some degree of sacrifice; not too far a stretch from you winning the Moby tickets and sacrificing the loss of your hair. She is of course is English and often would talk of desperately missing her mother and family back in England. Not unlike many of us who long for kinship and family...

She just might write back...stranger things have happened. And by the way, you are not too old to connect; almost to the scary point but not quite..."we" who are open to God using us are aways "hip" and connect when "we need to...

Rick Diamond said...

you're right ... why would it make any difference how old someone is? and journey has a great spread of ages and interests. so, who knows?
guess i had a moment of in-the-matrix thinking. and i was very sleepy this morning so that might've been part of it ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course, we have to admit that age does make a difference -- that at some age it's impossible to be "cool" in a certain way because the whole definition of "cool" and the whole reason for the definition of "cool" for the young people is to distinguish themselves as different from the older people. If your too old to be "cool" in that sense, you just look stupid to try to be "cool".
But you and I both know there was an older guy at Journey on Sunday -- a guy who has been through a hell of a lot in life - a guy who had multiple bypass surgery just a few days before - a guy who was ashen grey and weak feeling but whose spirit was strong and vital and young -- a guy who was at Journey because that's where he wants to be and that's where he belongs and that's what he stands for. I believe that's way "cool" no matter who or what age you are. Where he is, is a cool place for anyone to hang out...

Rick Diamond said...

that man ROCKS!
and you're right too - i no longer have a big charge of energy around trying to look 20. i mean, sure, i'd love to, but them days are over. and it's actually a very good thing to be nearly 47 years old and just be. cool isn't about how old you are or aren't.

Anonymous said...

You planted seeds of knowledge and truth and in the right season it will reap a wonderful harvest..Remember, Johnny Appleseed never saw all the trees he planted come to fruition.

Keep ministering....