Monday, November 5, 2007

andrea gibson slams

okay, you have to listen to this poet. she's amazing.
andrea gibson. the awesome calla told me about her.



jesus was a revolutionary
a prophet

his mother mary
was a goddess

still neither could have prophesized
the dark that is now upon us
since the christian right
went wrong

now white men drop bombs
in the name of a faith
born from a song of thou shall not kill
left the will of their god unheard
every word ignored in the name of profit

while it was their prophet
breaking bread with the poor
walking on bare feet
now they're talking that path of that god
but they're walking the path of their greed
preaching do unto others
as you would have them do unto you
but they've painted their cross red white
and blew 140,000 japanese people away in one day

they will always be their brothers' keepers
as long as their brothers are rich and white
you only have to look at the facts
death row is black
those cloths on american backs sewn by brown hands
in lands they've made theirs for the taking
raping whole cultures
while proclaiming themselves holy
but there are holes in their truth so deep
jesus would weep for his own name
being used and abused like this

christian means christ-like
and christ was neither white nor like this

neither white nor like your so called christian right
there's no such thing as a right wing
wings are made for angels
and i'm yet to see a halo on your head
blasphemy defines the things you've said

quoting scripture amidst your war cry
your belly full and warm
while millions die beneath the weight of your sins
and there are days i'm ashamed
to wear the color of your skin
there are days i'm ashamed
i ever prayed to the same god as you
but really i don't believe i did
i don't believe that's true

because christian means christ-like
and christ was not like you
not like this
wasn't bound to the cross
wearing combat boots and clenched fists

tonight the world wails an unbearable suffering
and you are the thorns and nails
how many more will you crucify with your white lies
deeming yourself supreme and above
when your god's love
is the last thing you've ever lived by

better cross your heart and hope you die a peaceful death
before jesus comes back
finds his way to NBC and CBS
calls you out on all the peace you've been talking
and all the war you've been livin

now that would be some reality tv
worth watching


Anonymous said...

wow !

CoachPeacock said...

This is what came to mind when I read that. My mind got stuck on a tangent so this is more for you rather than your blog, but publish my comment if you feel its relevant.

Jesus WAS a revolutionary. I think there are some people out there (not particularly this poet or anything) that see that as a free ticket to revolt against anything. It can be an excuse because people get in their head that change is good. Its not necessarily GOOR nor BAD. The CHANGE isn't anything. Its the result of the change that should be labeled.... not the action. Jesus wanted a RESULT... which happens to be a change from what was going on at the time. We should all want the same result. For some of us who live in that result already, we don't need change. For the rest of us, we do need change. There are people who feel the status quo is either good or bad, JUST because its the status quo. There are people who feel change is good or bad JUST because its a change. They (We) tend to forget that changing or remaining the same isn't goor or bad. Its where we are right now that should get the grade. If you aren't following Christ's example to the best of your ability, you need to change. Repent. If you are, then stay right where you are.

nonprofitprophet said...

well that is certainly one way to look at a larger picture I guess. If you want to take a small snapshot of a certain demographic/socio-economic arena, and then apply that label to an overreaching population you can certainly do that. Hitler did it to the Jews. The Klan did it to African Americans. Muslim extremist did it to 3000 New Yorkers. To blame corporate greedy "white" folks seems to be an over-simplificaion of the larger issue. Hate.
drop your stone. help someone else up. regardless of why. speck/log. condemnation? grace?

Rick Diamond said...

absolutely. change for change's sake alone doesn't heal anything; it just causes more stuff. more shit. whatever.
jesus did want results and was absolutely willing to do whatever was necessary to make those results happen, or at least set the spark for them. that's what jesus was all about.
and if it's time to chill and be still because you're where you need to be, then chill and be still til further instructions are given! :-)

Rick Diamond said...

y'know, you're right - if it's about hate, at all, on either "side," it's not helpful or grace-full.
i was struck by the poem because it's got the fire of a prophet saying to god's people, "something's really wrong! wake up! look at it! pay attention or you'll end up in the ditch!"
so, in that sense, i didn't see andrea's poem as hate, as much as a rant about something that she feels righteous indignation about.
and i just liked the part about her slamming the religious right.
guess i'd better do some inner work on that ...

nonprofitprophet said...

I agree that there is something really wrong, and sense the author's frustration with it, as we all should feel if we have a soul. yes - the blame/hate game from either side isn't helpful. I think people would be willing to help if they just knew the answers. the world isnt so cut and dry or it would be an easy fix. Jesus knew this. he knew man complicated it and put rules in place and bureaucracy - so he kept the mssg simple: Love one another. And it starts here in the hearts and minds of us.

Rick Diamond said...


Anonymous said...

This is a hard one.
I just finished reading "God is Not Great," a kind of atheist manifesto that uses the kinds of things in the poem and the whole history of Christian behavior to say that behavior certainly doesn't support belief in God and even fuels the belief that God isn't.
I would say that Jesus is not a revolutionary like this poem suggests; rather Jesus is God, and likely God doesn't give a rat's ass about our politics or, for that matter, our religion.
I would say that we don't need Jesus or God to prove that people behave poorly, and perhaps the poorest behavior is when people invoke God or Jesus in attempt to justify poor behavior. That behavior can be in the context of a one on one encounter in the neighborhood, a nation's encounter with another nation, culture against culture etc.
I would say that I believe that God's love is like gravity in that it pulls in the same manner on the smallest grain of sand as on the hugest super-nova.
I would say that I believe it is the calling to all who would live and feel in God's love to be prophets where they are...

nonprofitprophet said...

To Anonymous - I would say "Amen".

Anonymous said...

I don't think this poem is really about jesus...though i do think that people should always check their reasonings...make sure they’re doing the things they’re doing for the right reason.
i don’t think it’s about hate...not of a race anyway...
maybe of a certain political figure...
it’s about hypocracy.
and this country
and the people running it.
and the (like it or not) stereotyped version of republicans in america.
it’s about this mindset that we have that we are better than everyone
and can go invade countries when whenever because we are stronger/better.
and because for some reason people like to think that God chooses sides--always ours [of course].
It’s talking about america trying to make countries capitalist/democracies
and “helping” countries because they benefit us in some way.
it’s the overall greed and biases and bigotry and apathy...
notice that the title isn’t’s profit.

Rick Diamond said...


the real point for me is what andrea is about, not just what she seems to be saying, but what her heart cares about.
one of the wisest men i know (david gentiles) says that our hearts should break over the things that break god's heart. that, for me, is what andrea's poem is about.

Anonymous said...

like wandering servant I think Jesus was a revolutionary.
he “turned things upside down”...literally and figuratively.
he caused “complete, dramatic change” (which is one of the definitions for revolutionary) in the way people looked at religion.
But I do think he cares about our politics if they...i don’t know...include killing his beloved.
no matter few or many.
no matter who’s doing the killing
if it’s the US or China or Germany or the Soviet Union or Iraq or Sudan or Uganda get the idea.
Jesus cares about our politics because a lot of times, our politics involve pushing someone down to build ourselves up...globally and individually,
and no matter what institution in involves.
...i mean, Jesus got so mad about Church politics that he overturned some tables
i want to say that the point is to evoke in us, some sort of the same passion (rightfully or wrongfully) and see that there needs to be a change in our way of thinking...

I agree with the rest of the comment and liked whatt you had to say about gravity and God's love.

Rick Diamond said...

wow. absolutely. eloquent, powerful, beautiful.

and the trick for me is, Okay, god, so, i have this passion and these feelings that things need to be healthier and different - just guide me to the ways for me to do that which are loving and courageous and look like jesus did them.

Anonymous said...

No matter what their political party or skin color, God’s heart is broken by those who deny Him, those who hate, those who allow evil to go unchallenged, those who support evils like butchering millions of babies every year, etc. And the Creator of the universe is God, not “god.” "gods" can be money, "causes" (even good ones), things, etc. Jesus—not “jesus”—is not just a prophet; Jesus is God. A person who acknowledges Jesus as the Son of God and puts their trust in Him is a Christian. Blaming Republicans for the world's evils and labeling them all Christians is uninformed and/or dishonest. How much evil should be tolerated before someone stops it? Should Hitler have been ignored? The poem cries about 140,000 Japanese killed. Japan had already killed 250,000 Chinese and was trying to expand a murderous empire. The bomb, ordered by a Democrat, stopped Japan from further murder. If Andrea actually understood history, she would be ashamed to sound so self-righteous. The comment saying this poem is not about Jesus is correct. It is about Andrea's hatred and propaganda.

Rick Diamond said...

hey anonymous
thanks for your response. i think maybe you're missing the point of what andrea is calling us to attention about and to action on.
yes, the japanese killed many people. yes, the atomic bomb stopped further war. but at what cost? the hope is that there is a third way, the way of jesus, which is love, fearless love that interferes with and disarms the hatred in the world. jesus said that those who use violence as their best tool are doomed to live within violence as their way of life.
i like andrea's poem because she is calling us to the kind of hard and strong thinking and feeling that jesus called us to. i don't think she's "right," but that's not what the poem is about, for me.

Anonymous said...

journeyingrick, I also appreciate your response. There can be no argument that Jesus and His ways are perfect. But He said that He and Father are one, and if you have read the Bible you know that God often asked people to take very strong actions, including killing and war, to stop evil. You ask "At what cost?" was the bomb. Taking 140,000 lives is sad, but it almost certainly saved hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of other lives that would have been lost if Japan had been allowed to continue and expand their atrocities. Love is the ideal answer, but if it allows evil to flourish, it stops being love and becomes an accomplice to evil. If you responded to Saddam Hussein with love, do you think he would have stopped shredding people? Would Hitler have stopped killing people? Has love stopped the murder of millions of babies? You have every right to like andrea's poem. But I hear her labeling people dishonestly, condemning Christians and conservatives when evil is done by people of all political and religious persuasions. andrea seems to think hate is fine as long as it is against Christians and conservatives. So I cannot agree with you, but I do wish you well.

Anonymous said...

^ to you. the poem is about murder in general being bad. it's not just specifically the ones that she mentions. and what you are saying is the death of a few is ok if it saves others. innocent men women and children were killed by that bomb. by bombs in the war today. and true christians should follow the message of Jesus and love everyone. Jesus didn't hate anyone not even the men who killed him "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34)it would be your choice to sacrifice yourself for the salvation of others but not to sacrifice even one other life for no matter how many you would save. The message is clear.
Exodus 20:13: Thou shalt not kill.

Deuteronomy 5:17: Thou shalt not kill.

Matthew 5:21: Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment.

We are all equally worthy of living in God's eyes.