Monday, November 19, 2007

juggling pillows

september, october and november have been really, really busy months for me. journey's been going great - lots happening, new people, journeyers going through lots of stuff. i have a family in which people are awake and alive and interesting and curious and always learning and growing, which is lovely, and takes energy. i'm writing a book in the mornings (except when i'm posting on this blog). we were into high school football every week along with all the other parents of drill team girls. there has been a lot going on in the austin warrior community. blah blah blah.

week before last, i was telling my friend raging bear how this felt. he said, It's like juggling pillows.

juggling pillows?

yeah - at first it doesn't seem that hard; they're not heavy; but they're floppy and hard to handle with just one hand at a time, and they don't float right, and the more of them there are, the harder it is to see past them ...

have you ever felt that?

the cool part is that knowing that helped me realize that it's okay ... that there's a few chairs next to me where i can set a pillow or two to wait their turns to come into the rotation ... and they're pillows; they're not plates or chainsaws; if they fall, they won't break and they can't hurt me.

the more i thought about this, the better it got.

so, i took a nap.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago, I was trying to coach my son's kiddie soccer team and somebody's advice was to think of it as "herding cats." I guess herding cats is a little like juggling pillows, although the cats' resistance can be a bit more intentional. Seems that the most important thing is to remember that soccer and juggling are games, and the point of games is supposed to be fun. For all the frustration at the time, some of my fondest memories are of my son and his friend chasing around after the soccer ball on Saturday mornings...
And, yes, naps are always in order after herding cats and juggling pillows.

Rick Diamond said...

i wonder if god looks at us juggling pillows and herding cats and smiles and sees the perspective we can't see, and loves us through it.
that works.

and sometimes when i look back at the things i used to freak out about, and i realize they weren't that big a deal in the larger arc of the universe, i have great compassion for myself at that time, and i learn, too, to let go a little.

Anonymous said...

The soccer practice field and the ballet class waiting room have been some of the best "mission fields" I have encounted....God gives us that time together and it would be better spent sharing the gospel than gossip.

Rick Diamond said...

amen, anonymous!