Wednesday, January 9, 2008

clarification re xmas tree

because kj didn't understand the pictures i posted of our xmas tree, let me be more clear:
this is our tree after i nearly died trying to get it to stand up, and then it did, and we decorated it.

isn't that nice!
and then, since i'd had so much trouble after it fell down three times while i was setting it up back in november, the lovely christmas tree bag that i put under it, surrounding the trunk, to wrap around the entire tree for taking it out the door after christmas, had been destroyed, i now have no bag to wrap it in. and the tree is SO DEAD that its needles are FLYING OFF into the house as i have been taking down the decorations.

SO ... i decided to cut the limbs off, put THEM in trash bags, carry them out, then carry out the tree trunk. so here's what it looked like last night when i finally went to bed after 11, having fought this tree yet again:

so, enough freakin' christmas already! i'm ready to move on to 2008. for which i have made no new year's resolutions. so there.


KJ said...

this is the sadest Christmas tree story I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I believe that at the very least you need to make some resolutions about your Christmas tree in 2008. May I suggest artificial???

Rick Diamond said...


i dunno, though ... going every year as a family out to the xmas tree farm and cutting down a tree together is our tradition since the kids were tiny.
one thought: cut down a tree and then donate it to a needy family, and buy an artificial tree for ourselves.
another thought: take a freakin' t-square or level and see if the tree will stand up straight!
yet another thought: maybe next year thanksgiving won't be so early, and the xmas tree won't have so much time to totally dry out.

but either way, by the end of november, i shall be ready to try yet again!!!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: You could try the national Lampoon Christmas Vacation style and simply smoke your cigar next to the tree. Whooosh and its over.

Go the Charlie Brown route. If its small enough you can carry out it in your pocket.

Get me to design the ultimate crooked Christmas tree stand.

Rick Diamond said...

that's beautiful, man!