Friday, January 11, 2008

find your note and sing it for all it's worth

a good friend and journeyer michelle, who's a wonderful teacher, wrote me an email about an awareness she's having and it was so good i'm including part of it here. WORD UP!

maybe there is more to all of us. maybe we settle for our own mediocrity, accepting the muzak piped in daily (soundtrack available at starbucks), devoid of originality or individualism, because it is too hard or too scary to step out and sing our one note openly, loud and clear (i think i stole that from poet john fox). this keeps coming up in my classroom: find your note and sing it for all its worth, even if what the dragon says is true and it is only for one second in a million, million years.
that one second matters. it is a very small rock, but it makes a ripple if i will stretch out my arm
and throw it and not worry about the size of the ripple it makes. if we all sang our notes for our single seconds, all of time would fill with music.

maybe this was what Christ was trying to teach us all along: loving God is loving your neighbor, and his song, regardless of what key it is in, accepting that none of us know all the tunes there are to know.


Raging Bear said...

Lately, I find myself singing when I'm alone...usually putting less than approriate words, directed toward whomever I'm struggling with at the time, to the songs I've heard a thousand times on the local Christian Music radio stations. Yeah, it's wrong, and I feel shame and guilt about doing it...and I laugh about it too. It's meaningful for me. It's singing and working out what I'm feeling and my judgments and to music that praises God and I can taste the difference and I can smell my way to my own bullshit and find healing for myself and love for the people I would normally want to shoot.

Michelle is second matters. One second in deciding to follow our heart...any more time than that, and it's not our heart we are following.


Rick Diamond said...

afreakingmen. and isnt that what it's about? just feeling it all ... and then feeling beyond it all. into the heart. and knowing we're safe and alright and that in that second we can actually see behind to where It truly Is.