Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the gospel via chicharrones

so my east texas buddy chet and i were hanging out last week one afternoon, just catching up. laughing. we'd gone by fred's store in whitehouse tx south of tyler, and then headed out to sit.
we bought some cheap junk food and cigars. yay. we were sitting there, enjoying the cold air, talking about life and marriage and kids and church and memories, we chomped pork rinds. smoked cigars. drank some coronas.
the thing about these chicharrones wasn't just that they were good - they were really good. the "sweet & mild barbeque" flavor rocked. so chet looked at the package to see what the deal was.
the front of the bag looked like this. ("chicharrones" in this case means "pork rinds." yum!)

he looked at the back, to figure out the ingredients, and then - he saw it.
the back of the bag contained this beautiful message:

and so ... now we know. we know, now, the secret of the wonderful flavor of the $1.00 pork rinds. we know, too, why the afternoon was so blessed and beautiful.
it was the gospel being presented on the back of the pork rinds. it was a sacred afternoon.

we started to laugh our asses off, mostly because of the implications of this. pork rinds bags at the pearly gates. pork rinds as gospel tools. theological discussions regarding old testament dietary restrictions about the eating of pork vs. st. peter's experience of christ telling him that all food is now clean. and yet, can you use pork rinds gospel bags as a tool to reach our jewish brothers and sisters?
it went on and on. i laughed so hard my face hurt.
you gotta give it to fred's, or brim's, or whoever it is that produced those pork rinds - they're committed enough to put a bible verse on the back of the package. i'm sure they're sincere. but it just made me LAUGH.
i'm saving the package to put in my "tacky religious shit" altar in my office at the jifc warehouse. how could i not?


Melinda Hasting said...

Can we PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE do pork rinds for the Lord's Supper next month???

Rick Diamond said...


JAC said...

wow. that is a serious good one.

Anonymous said...

I guess the incongruity of having biblical verse on a bag of food that jesus,as a devout jew, wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole is lost on the Brim's asshats.

But then again, Christians aren't known for their thinking, or logic.

Rick Diamond said...

that's part of the joy! pork skins! in a bag that advertises a jewish man! it's too funny!

i'm not sure any group, christian or otherwise, are known for their thinking or logic ... unless it's intellectuals/academicians/geniuses, in which case, they're not known for much common sense.
so i just go on a case-by-case basis ...