Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year

i've purposely taken a week to do nothing. be with family. no cell phone. no laptop. (i did check email once while we were out of time, and about four times since we got back, but that was it.) (okay, i did check my cell phone messages about three times, but that was it.) no journeyifc work, except showing up sunday morning and being part of the worship gathering. and then leaving, and spending more time with family. and then more time with family last night for New Year's Eve.

about two days ago, i was so not ready to get back into a routine. i was still exhausted. november and december at journey, and with birthdays and holidays and christmas stuff at home, and end-of-the-year stuff to take care of ... i was absolutely exhausted. so, i rested. and rested. slept late. did nothing. NOTHING. watched dvds. took a few walks.

and now i'm ready. i woke up ready, today.

i have a feeling about 2008. it's a year when god's going to do some cool things and we journeyers get to be in on it. our year of getting settled in the warehouse, and with our structures, and with ourselves, is pretty much over. it's time.

so, happy new year.

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