Sunday, January 13, 2008

let's hug it out bitch

just got up a little while ago from the post-worship nap; i'm actually part of the awesome spirit whispers experience at the warehouse, but i got a headache after worship and was dead. my head was splitting open. got up. talked to my wife and daughter. now i'm waiting for the golden-globes-news-conference-since-there's-no-golden-globes-show-because-of-the-writers-strike.
i dont even watch "entourage" but i'm watching the pre-golden-globes-news-conference dateline nbc show. matt lauer just interviewed jeremy piven, who is awesomely funny in general, and when ive seen the show from time to time, i love his character ari gold the agent.

dateline showed a clip of piven's character on "entourage" doing a great, great line: "let's hug it out bitch."

i'm feeling a new man catchphrase coming on.


mandy said...

oh, rick. i have no doubts that you can get that phrase on an already-designed tshirt like *that*.

it's such a great thing to think about. if only we could solve all our probs that way. maybe we can!

Rick Diamond said...

dude! you're so right! i just found it! on like twenty different t-shirt designs! i totally have to have one!!!