Friday, March 21, 2008

choke on it.

it hit me earlier this week, and i remembered again tonight - something i wanted to tell you.

jesus is a mirror. a mirror pulsing with love and acceptance. but a mirror nevertheless.

sometimes i see what's in it and i am so so so happy.

and sometimes i just want to choke on what's there. i don't like what it's telling me. i don't want to look into my own shadow, or fear, or shame.

and yet, every time i do, i find the love and acceptance behind what i started to choke on and reject.

so, jesus is a mirror. my wish for you is that you look all the way in, and then even if you choke on what you see, keep looking.


Melinda Hasting said...

I hear you.

It's not supposed to choke us, so maybe it's only meant to go down when it's meant to go down.


Rick Diamond said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen my sister.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is very tricky territory. I, too, choke on the image in the mirror. But I do not believe that image is Jesus. I believe that Jesus is a window, not a mirror -- a window through which we can see all the beauty and wonder and love and chaos and risk and possiblity out there and make a connection with that from inside myself. I believe that Jesus beckons us to project rather than reflect. What is it that I am ashamed of in me, that I so desperately want to hold on to, that makes it so hard to sing out rather than choke in????

Rick Diamond said...

right on anon - jesus is a window!!! maybe a good analogy is to say that jesus brings us a window, and as we're looking out into the beauty, we also see that transparent reflection of ourselves - and we can either choose to look at it, and stop focusing on what god is trying to show us, or we can see that that reflection can also be part of the beauty we're looking past ourselves to see.

nonprofitprophet said...

I was told a long time ago, while looking in a mirror, that "this is the only Jesus some folks will ever see". Stuck with me ever since. ~npp

Chiron' said...

I always thought that behaving in a manner that was consistent with what we collectively interpret to be Divine will was only difficult if I found that in doing so, I had to surmount my own challenges. As I continue to remove the inner blockages or aspects which challenge me from behaving as I believe the Divine would behave, I find that I adhere to the targeted behavior with much less effort than I used to.

As for my ability to intentionally perceive the world around me in a Divinely inspired way, I have used the model of "rose colored glasses". It takes great effort for me to perceive the world with all of it's ugliness and injustice in a manner which could be interpreted as beautiful. However, I find that my resistance to seeing the beauty is directly linked to my resistance to recognize adversity as a teaching tool in the Divines toolbox. If I PUT ON my "rose colored glasses" and look at the world through the filter of NO BLAME, ONLY Divine patience and Love, then I find I am more able to readily perceive the world as a beautiful place and act accordingly.

nonprofitprophet said...

yes chiron' - its kinda like you are what you eat. good and bad exists in the world. it can be what you focus on that takes over. in my old career i used to see all the bad, so my world view was skewed. I now recognize the bad, but choose to see good in it and act accordingly. ~npp