Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i've been listening, and thinking ... and i made a huge leap that surprised me.

this blog post, which i got from bob c, helped me think this through.
i think, honestly, that obama wants to move forward into a different america. he wants us to think differently, better. like all the great prophets - washington and jefferson and lincoln, mlk and bobby kennedy, bono and susan b. anthony - these are people who were inviting the people around them to think differently, to be different. to take america up on its dream for itself.
there will always, always, always be backlash against this invitation. fear makes us recoil, and reject.
race is indeed powerful in this country. at some point i think we all had to deal with the reality: barack obama is a person of color. this is the unfortunately messy way in which the subject is being dealt with - like a scab being ripped off. and now we're being faced with a question:
what will we do about ourselves? because this isn't about obama - it's about us.


Carl said...

you and Obama are's about us as a people who must come to grips with our past and embrace a hope for a better future.

And, with this hope we must begin the hard work of meaningful engagement with those who think and act and believe differently than us.

And, I think that begins with those who profess to know God and Christ who must lead in love that is forged in justice for those who have not seen a love like this.

Obama is not the savior, he knows that, we know that, but he is giving voice to the little Christ that we all must let come out as we pursue His kingdom here, now, and forever.

It is about Him and us...

journeyingrick said...

a men.