Monday, March 24, 2008

the other other rick

have you ever googled yourself?
if this
and this don't make me proud to be one of the rick diamonds, nothing will.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Well, when I google Kelly Efurd, I'm really the only one that comes up... pretty cool, I guess.

Kelly Lawson, on the other hand, is a girl with flesh-eating bacteria, a power forward for the University of Nebraska basketball team (he's 6'8"!) , and someone in the state of Indiana whose parole was revoked after he pled guilty to theft and resisting law enforcement.

Not quite as impressive a group as the Rick Diamonds of the world!

Chiron' said...

I have I have!

Depending on which name I use, I'm either a rock star or some kinda research corporation lol! (Just horsing around)


Laura Jenkins said...

Ha! Yep -
I'm a young blond movie star

a PhD. in English and World Literature and Black Studies

A photographer in San Antonio (ha! close...)

An artist in the UK

A realtor

An assistant professor of Athletic training

A Vet (the animal kind)

A champion golfer

A business speaker

A doctor of ophthalmology

A pediatrician

And (drumroll please!)I wrote a book entitled Femme, Feminists, Lesbians, and Bad Girls.

And that's just a quick search.
Damn! There are way too many Laura Harrises.

Rick Diamond said...

true - laura harris is a more common name than rick diamond - but still - golfer? professor? author? realtor? pediatrician? all at the same time? the laura harris conglomerate is impressive.

btw, one of the rick diamonds is a men's gay porn director. but i couldn't find a specific link to any of his stuff so i didn't list him. so THAT'S impressive for the rick diamonds.

Rick Diamond said...

kelly -
someone with flesh-eating bacteria????? ack!!!

Melinda Hasting said...


When you first were toying with the idea of Journey, we were trying to find you and I googled your name and some jewelry dealer in Brooklyn kept coming up. Maybe "Rick does Diamonds" or something.


Anonymous said...

Well, for fans of irony, there's this:

And the guy that my Mom gets asked about alot in her town, Waco: