Thursday, March 27, 2008

please - make us proud -

i was just watching a tv show and there's a preacher, and he seems great, and he's just joined a new group of friends, and a beautiful woman walks in who's one of the group, and someone introduces the woman to the preacher. the preacher smiles and shakes her hand, and one man in the group says, "She's a whore."
and he means it - she's a prostitute. that's what she does for a living. just data, information.

and i'm thinking ... please, preacher - make me proud ... do what jesus would do ... did do ... continue shaking her hand, respond to her as you would to any other broken beautiful person - which is all of us - treat her like an equal. like more than an equal - like she's the beloved of god ... because she is ...

please, preacher, be like jesus.
be like jesus' people ought to be.

make me proud.


Chiron' said...

? How can you leave us in suspense?


Melinda Hasting said...

and did he make you proud?

paraheadache said...

You must have been watching Firefly... I do love Shepherd Book... If it wasn't Firefly, you should check it out... he would make you proud.

- :-)

Rick Diamond said...

it WAS "firefly," the brilliant series from Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (the "firefly" series was cancelled after 2 seasons and then was reborn as a feature film, "serenity," which is how i first encountered the stories, and it's brilliant)
anyway, Shepherd Book is the pastor in question. and ... he is beautifully respectful and kind to this lovely woman. so, yay!

Chiron' said...

OH! Oh Course Shepard was awesome!

I didn't know you were talking about FireFly =)


mandy said...

this reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw the other day:
i like your christ.
i do not like your christians.
they are nothing like your christ.
i've come to realize that people are scared of the rules and regulations of christianity. of religion. not only scared, but disgusted by them. and some (dare i say most?) christians end up enveloped in those rules, and that's what they live- that's what they share with others.

no one can argue with love, with kindness, with a smile. i'm glad there are those that can see through the muck.